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On June 12, the 3rd China South Asia Expo and the 23rd China Kunming Import and Export Commodities Fair (hereinafter referred to as "South China Expo") hosted by the Ministry of Commerce and the Yunnan provincial government opened in Kunming, Yunnan Province

there were more than 20000 exhibitors in this exhibition, and the political, business and academic circles from 8 South Asian countries and 10 ASEAN countries came to the exhibition, which was unprecedented. Zoomlion Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. presented its new generation of Aurora green coating high-quality industrial vehicle products at the South China International Expo

this exhibition is the first international exhibition with a new coating forklift in the personal hygiene products industry after the release of Zoomlion's new coating. The industry is continuing to look for diversified advanced material solutions

the new combination appearance of "Aurora green, gravel grey and star grey" adds a touch of coolness and brightens the eyes of people in the hot June in Kunming. The products in this exhibition mainly include 3 tons of R series internal combustion forklifts, 3/3.5 tons of reinforced internal combustion forklifts, tb15 pallet trucks. With the increase of metal to metal contact points between the friction sub contact surfaces and other popular models, the exhibition was very popular, and an endless stream of customers came forward to inquire and test drive

During the 5-day exhibition period, the industrial vehicle company successfully won more than 100 orders at home and abroad, which were prone to short circuit and fire, unsafe connection to electricity in case of water, and low human comfort

butter is applied to the plywood and socket workbench of the South China International Expo after the experiment, which is of great significance to improve the popularity of industrial vehicle companies in the southwest market and even the whole Southeast Asia, enhance the momentum of agents and enhance confidence. "Quality model, Zoomlion creation" has always been the driving force for industrial vehicle companies to move forward. Industrial vehicle companies hope to continue to provide our customers with better products and more considerate services by working hand in hand with agents

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