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Zoomlion helps China Nuclear Power "hualong-1" dome hoisting "the strongest CP" to improve the global voice

Zoomlion helps China Nuclear Power "hualong-1" dome hoisting "the strongest CP" to improve the global voice

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Zoomlion 3200 ton crawler crane zcc3200np has made new contributions to the installation of nuclear power in China. On the afternoon of May 25, zcc3200np successfully placed the dome weighing about 340 tons on the top of the 45 meter high nuclear reactor this year, marking the successful completion of the dome hoisting of Fujian Fuqing nuclear power unit 5, the world's first reactor demonstration project of China Nuclear Power Group's "Hualong 1" nuclear power plant. Since then, the first demonstration project of "hualong-1" has been fully transferred from the civil construction stage to the equipment installation stage. With the successful hoisting of the dome of "hualong-1" assisted by zcc3200np, Zoomlion and the "strongest CP" of China Nuclear Power Group have once again enhanced the global voice of Chinese enterprises in the field of crawler cranes and nuclear power

Zoomlion assisted in the hoisting of the dome of CNNC "hualong-1"

the perfect hoisting of the construction machinery "aircraft carrier"

"hualong-1" is a third-generation nuclear power technology with independent innovation and complete independent intellectual property rights in China. The zcc3200np, which completed the lifting task, is also one of the super large tonnage mobile cranes independently developed by Zoomlion, which has the strongest lifting performance and the most advanced technical level in the world. Its maximum lifting capacity is 3200 tons, the maximum lifting torque is 82000 ton meters, the main boom is 120 meters long, the auxiliary boom is 48 meters long, and the maximum lifting capacity of 50 meters is nearly 1600 tons. It is known as the "aircraft carrier" in the construction machinery industry

"hualong-1" and zcc3200np represent the highest technology in these two fields in China. Their perfect cooperation this time gives people a glimpse of the charm and style of this "super match" in history

Zoomlion zcc3200np is the only domestic crane used for nuclear power hoisting. It has performed well in the previous construction of nuclear power plants and accumulated rich construction experience. In 2014, zcc3200np completed the overall hoisting of the containment steel lined dome of Tianwan nuclear power station unit 3, China's largest nuclear power plant with a single unit capacity, with a total weight of nearly 500 tons, which is the world's heaviest nuclear power dome hoisting; In 2016, zcc3200np assisted in the construction of Shandong Rongcheng Huaneng Shidaowan nuclear power plant project and successfully hoisted the reactor pressure vessel of the world's first fourth generation nuclear power plant

dome hoisting is a key link in the construction of nuclear power projects, which has high requirements for design and construction. The hoisting of "hualong-1" is currently the heaviest and highest hoisting operation in the global nuclear power construction. This is a major test for Zoomlion zcc3200np

according to Yang Jianguo, the on-site hoisting commander, the dome of "hualong-1" is 46.8 meters in diameter and 23.4 meters high, and the total weight of the dome and supporting ropes exceeds 500 tons. The height difference between the highest point and the lowest point of the bottom from the ground is required to be less than 200mm for lifting, and the construction difficulty is much higher than that of the traditional pile type. At the same time, hoisting is also affected by meteorological conditions, especially wind. Too high wind speed will directly affect the stability of hoisting and increase the difficulty of construction

on April 23, the assembly of Zoomlion zcc3200np was completed, creating a prerequisite for the subsequent dome hoisting work. In order to ensure the successful completion of this hoisting task, the overall hoisting planning adopts the digital simulation method, and the whole hoisting process has been simulated on the computer for many times, based on which a detailed and thorough hoisting scheme has been formulated. In the process of hoisting, hundreds of embedded sensors installed on zcc3200np can sense the state of pressure, load, speed and so on, and automatically adjust the operation parameters. The hoisting accuracy is less than 2mm, realizing the "stability" and "accuracy" of hoisting

Zhang Yuzhu, chief designer of Zoomlion 3200 ton crawler crane, said, "the whole vehicle has more than 100 sensors, which are integrated and controlled by computers. Zcc3200np is also the only large crawler crane in the world that has completed the second, third and fourth generation of energy hoisting."

at the same time, the hoisting also broke through the regional bottleneck, realized the remote real-time monitoring of equipment, greatly reduced the labor cost of Zoomlion technicians to the construction site, and improved the installation efficiency

"the strongest CP" joined hands to compete in the international nuclear power market

before the birth of Zoomlion zcc3200np, large tonnage cranes, especially crawler cranes of more than 3000 tons, which can realize the key hoisting of the third generation of nuclear power, were completely imported

facing the technical blockade and intellectual property barriers of foreign enterprises, Zoomlion Heavy Industry has been committed to developing 3200 ton crawler cranes since 2008. A 100 person special research group, including two top experts from national research institutions, has been established to tackle key problems with all its strength. In May, 2011, zcc3200np was fully configured and successfully lifted at one time; In April, 2013, the product obtained the manufacturing license of 3000 ton crane for the first time. Zcc3200np broke the monopoly of foreign countries on 3000 ton crawler cranes, rewriting the long history of relying on imports of such heavy equipment

according to the R & D director of Zoomlion zcc3200np, there are more than 50 independent intellectual property rights related to zcc3200np. The equipment has made innovations and breakthroughs in many key technologies, such as "power unit and its control method", "modular three benchmark assembly and positioning design method" and "front vehicle and rear vehicle synchronous walking control method"

among them, the patent of "power unit and its control method" won the gold medal of national invention patent in 2012. This method creatively solves the technical problems of the integration and diversion of super large power sources, and has the advantages of simple operation, high safety factor, large installation space, effectively reducing the fuel consumption of the whole machine, and getting rid of the restriction of the supply and maintenance response cycle of imported parts

"interconnection +" is another core highlight of zcc3200np. The product realizes the remote monitoring and management of operation, maintenance, loss, safety and other conditions. In addition, the intelligent design of "automatic configuration of hoisting scheme" and "6-month remote data storage" makes zcc3200np a new benchmark for "interconnection +" equipment manufacturing

zcc3200np series related core technologies have not only broken through the design bottleneck of domestic heavy crawler cranes, but also vigorously promoted the development of industry technology. They have won the "2011 China Construction machinery annual product Top50 Technology Innovation Award" and cmiic2016 "craftsman Quality Award"

Zoomlion, as a leading enterprise in high-end equipment manufacturing, has always been using "craftsman spirit" and cutting-edge technology to develop and launch a series of 4.0 products, so as to make products enter a more intelligent era and lead made in China towards intelligent manufacturing in China. This time, zcc3200np successfully assisted the successful hoisting of the dome of "hualong-1", which showed the excellent performance of this "aircraft carrier" in the construction machinery industry, and once again increased China's voice in the field of crawler cranes in the world

nuclear power represented by "hualong-1" has become a new business card made in China. At present, CNNC has reached cooperation intentions with nearly 20 countries, including Argentina, the United Kingdom, Egypt, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, etc. With the in-depth promotion of the "the Belt and Road" strategy, business opportunities in the foreign nuclear power market are expanding. Zoomlion zcc3200np will form the "strongest CP" with China nuclear power to jointly polish the gold lettered signboard made in China in the world market. 1. Change the working conditions of the experimental machine

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