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Zoomlion: take root in cities and towns and penetrate their tentacles into the world

Zoomlion: take root in cities and towns and penetrate their tentacles into the world

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Guide: two type construction and two type urban agglomeration layout are the top-level design of Hunan provincial Party committee and provincial government at the strategic level according to the requirements of the central government. In the 3+5 urban agglomeration, Changsha, Zhuzhou and Xiangtan, as the main functional area, will become the core of the two type industrial belt, and the surrounding five cities will realize industrial docking with Changsha, Zhuzhou and Xiangtan, and develop into two type industries

the two oriented construction and the layout of the two oriented urban agglomeration are the top-level design of the Hunan provincial Party committee and the Hunan provincial government at the strategic level according to the requirements of the central government. In the "3+5" urban agglomeration, Changsha Zhuzhou Xiangtan, as the main functional area, will become the core of the two type industrial belt, and the five surrounding cities will realize industrial docking with Changsha Zhuzhou Xiangtan, and develop into the key axis of the two type industrial belt. Guided by this, the industrial development within the urban agglomeration will also show obvious levels and gradients, with clear division of labor and close links

as one of the important participants in the construction of two types, the leading enterprise of international construction machinery (market zone) - the calculation shows that it is not 0 Zoomlion (market stock bar

trading point) according to the market law, cooperate with the point axis interaction in the overall plan, speed up the flow of production factors such as capital, technology, land, etc., build a reasonable industrial spatial structure and internal structure, and achieve organic and coordinated development

for Zoomlion, internationalization does not mean the internationalization of the location of the enterprise, nor does it mean that the enterprise base should be concentrated in big cities. On the contrary, the headquarters of caterpillar, an international construction machinery giant, is located in Peoria, central Illinois, with a population of less than 400000, which has not affected it to ascend the throne of the world's No. 1 construction machinery for many consecutive years

based on the understanding of the law of industrial development, Zoomlion's industrial layout reflects a "two pole" situation, one is rooted in cities and towns, and the other is tentacles penetrating the world. This "bipolar" model not only brings considerable benefits to Zoomlion, but also provides a sample for China's new urbanization. At the same time, it is an indispensable development strategy in the internationalization process of Zoomlion

take root in cities and towns to build the economic artery of urban agglomeration

in the view of Zhan Chunxin, chairman of Zoomlion, Zoomlion, as an enterprise shouldering the mission of new industrialization, is duty bound to obey and serve the overall situation of two oriented construction in the province, cooperate with the construction of "3+5" urban agglomeration, and jointly build an industrial belt connecting urban and rural areas

with the in-depth construction of the "3+5" two type urban agglomeration with Chang Zhu Tan as the core, several industrial belts based on the "3+5" urban agglomeration will also be formed. Especially along the main transportation lines, several industrial economic belts, such as Chang Zhu Tan Yiyang Changde, Chang Zhu Tan Yueyang, Chang Zhu Tan Loudi, Chang Zhu Tan Hengyang, will connect and connect a large number of intermediate areas between the "3+5" urban agglomerations, connect points into lines, drive areas with lines, and support economic prosperity with new industrialization, so as to create the industrial artery of the "3+5" urban agglomerations. The two type urban agglomeration with strong hematopoietic function provides a great opportunity for Zoomlion to accelerate the "two poles" strategy

for this reason, Zoomlion has deep roots in cities and towns, forming a Golden Corridor of equipment manufacturing industry with unique Zoomlion characteristics

this industrial corridor runs from Changsha all the way to the west, crossing 4 cities and 12 counties (cities, districts). Along the 267 km long line, there is an average park every 35 km. At present, it has become an important industrial enterprise and tax payer in three prefectures and cities, seven aircraft and the safest means of transportation in the world. The "two poles" strategy under the guidance of the thought of "two oriented Urban Agglomeration" has realized the benign interaction between enterprise development and new urbanization, and laid a solid foundation for the internationalization of enterprises

for a large manufacturing enterprise, sinking into small towns is far more strategic than moving up to big cities

Zhan Chunxin, who often travels to and from metropolises around the world, found that many industries abroad are concentrated in small and medium-sized towns. Most of the large enterprises in the United States and Germany are in small towns, which have become the main support of the urban economy and provided sufficient jobs for small and medium-sized towns

in addition to the Enlightenment from overseas, Zhan Chunxin told the author of Zoomlion's experience in the development of small towns in Hunan that when industries enter cities and towns, farmers receive training to become industrial workers, thus improving quality, stabilizing income, reducing living costs, and being able to live and work in peace and contentment. At the same time, the land cost of enterprises has been reduced, and the employment has been localized. Local recruitment and training not only reduce the human cost, but also reduce the mobility of personnel, and improve the stability of employees

Zhan Chunxin said that industrial agglomeration is the key to the construction of new urbanization. Mature and strong driving industries settle in cities and towns, bringing new ideas, talents, capital, technology and markets, so as to gather a number of enterprises, form a town and prosper the economy. "This is also the biggest experience of Zoomlion in the development and expansion of the industrial corridor."

"mature industries have entered cities and towns, local finance has been improved, and the construction of new urbanization has self hematopoietic function." This is what Zhan Chunxin said, which is still fresh in my memory today. Reviewing the benefit towns on the industrial corridor of Zoomlion, this hematopoietic function reflects the urbanization construction idea of Zoomlion's integration of industry and city and people-oriented, which has helped them stand out in the urbanization construction

Hanshou, as a typical agricultural county, has nearly 80% of the agricultural population. Before Zoomlion established the park in Hanshou in 2009, the total industrial output value of the county was only 400million yuan. Three years later, the industrial output value of scale reached 8.62 billion yuan, and the urbanization rate increased from 23% five years ago to 40%. Large agricultural counties have entered the top four industrial economies of the province

looking at the world and building a global industrial chain

global layout is an important part of Zoomlion's "bipolar strategy"

as a leading enterprise of China's construction machinery, Zoomlion has continuously strengthened overseas promotion over the years, and its global resource control and utilization capabilities have been continuously improved. In just a few years, Zoomlion has successively completed the acquisition of British baolujie company, the reorganization and merger of Puyuan group, the acquisition of Italian CIFA, and has become the world's largest concrete machinery manufacturing enterprise

among many mergers and acquisitions, the century merger and acquisition in 2008 is the most talked about. In that year, Zoomlion completed the acquisition of CIFA, the third largest concrete machinery manufacturer in the world, and became the world's leading concrete machinery industry. Through this acquisition, Zoomlion has effectively integrated the global resources of both sides, and deeply integrated in product research and development, process innovation, strategic procurement, market channels and other aspects. Zoomlion has highlighted its competitive advantages. The customer loyalty and reputation of CIFA brand in Europe, the Gulf, North Africa, South America and other regions are constantly improving, and the customer recognition and reputation of Zoomlion brand in Europe and Asia are also rising, Zoomlion concrete equipment has significantly increased its share in the global market

with the successful overseas practice, Zoomlion's internationalization process is accelerating day by day: in June 2011, Zoomlion signed a technology transfer agreement with German Jost Crane Co., Ltd. in Frankfurt, Germany, to buy out the full set of technology of German Jost flat head Tower series products, which is recognized by the international community as a high-end expert of tower crane; In August 2012, Zoomlion set up its first overseas plant in India, and established a tower crane business base in a joint venture with Indian electro mech company; In October, 2012, it established a joint venture with RIBA company of Italy to establish high carbon materials (quotation

zone) Co., Ltd; In December, 2013, it acquired m-TEC, the first brand of dry mixing mortar equipment in the world

with its strong ability to absorb, transform and innovate, Zoomlion has effectively promoted the progressive integration with the merged enterprises in terms of manufacturing system, channel, brand and culture. At present, Zoomlion's overseas business has covered more than 60 countries and regions around the world, and its products are exported to the Middle East, South America, Africa, Europe, America, Australia and other high-end markets, gradually improving the relevant industrial chain of the enterprise

through continuous internationalization, and combined with its own thinking and Practice on the road of mergers and acquisitions, Zoomlion has summarized five basic principles of cross-border mergers and acquisitions of Chinese enterprises, namely, inclusiveness, sharing,, rules and dancing. In Zhan Chunxin's words, "Chinese enterprises should 'go out' and 'go in'. Going out 'is not only to sell products overseas, send people overseas and build factories overseas, but also to integrate into the global industrial ecosystem and become a world-class enterprise jointly supported by different nationalities, countries and humanities."

Zhan Chunxin believes that Chinese enterprises must constantly localize in order to achieve real internationalization. In addition to localized products, there should also be localized marketing networks, service systems, and localized talents and resources

some experts predict that with the help of overseas mergers and acquisitions to integrate global resources, Zoomlion has achieved the docking of capital, technology, management and talents between Shenzhen's developed venture capital industry and developed markets, and formed a competitive advantage, which is likely to dominate the global market in the next 10 or 20 years

it is reported that nearly 500 Chinese and foreign enterprises have actively signed up. In 2014, Zoomlion will pay more attention to the development of the international market. At present, Zoomlion is negotiating agents in the European and American markets, such as the United States and Germany, and is gradually breaking through from the medium and high-end market. At the same time, Zoomlion is also focusing on the research and development of new products to adapt to the European and American markets. In terms of emerging markets, Zhang Jianguo, senior president of Zoomlion, said that emerging markets such as India and Brazil contain great potential and are optimistic about their future development. According to Zhang Jianguo, at present, Zoomlion mainly adopts the way of cooperation with local enterprises to develop the market in India. In Brazil, Zoomlion is setting up a factory, which is expected to be completed next year, and will realize localized production of equipment at that time

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