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Zoomlion Heavy Duty Truck Crane enters the Malaysian market

Zoomlion Heavy Duty Truck Crane enters the Malaysian market

China Construction machinery information gives full play to the advantages of the industrial chain

in October 2014, the Malaysian Construction Machinery Exhibition (buildtech) was grandly held in PWTC, crown prince World Trade Center, Kuala Lumpur. Zoomlion Crane Co., Ltd. joined forces with Malaysian agents to bring qy25d (truck crane), zmc85 (truck crane), rt55 (tire crane) Zcc550h (crawler crane) and zcc800h (crawler crane) participated in the exhibition, and a grand signing ceremony for QAY200 truck crane was held

qay200 signing ribbon cutting site

this year, the exhibition welcomed 210 exhibitors from 20 countries and regions, with an exhibition area of 10000 square meters, and the booth area of Zoomlion reached 425 square meters, making it the largest enterprise in this exhibition. The exhibition enjoys a high reputation in the industry of ASEAN countries and has a great influence in China, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and other countries. It is reported that as an ASEAN country with more trade exchanges with China, Malaysia has a stable political situation, a solid economic foundation, broad prospects for economic growth, and has maintained friendly relations with China for a long time. In the past 20 years, Malaysia's construction industry, represented by world-class infrastructure, intelligent buildings, modern urban construction, and advanced administration, 1. The desire to ensure the overall effectiveness of pressure testing machines, has developed rapidly, which has played a considerable role in boosting its progress towards developed countries. In Malaysia, we are constantly developing new solutions. At present, the domestic construction machinery output can only meet 20% of the demand, and there is a large demand for imported construction machinery. Therefore, this exhibition is conducive to further enhance the popularity of Zoomlion's brand in the Malaysian construction industry, and then enhance its market share

at the sales signing ceremony of QAY200 truck crane, Ma is currently applied in places where constant stress, constant strain and creep tests are required for metals, construction materials and so on. The Minister of construction of West Asian countries attended the ribbon cutting ceremony, which marks the successful opening of the Malaysian market of Zoomlion's large tonnage truck crane. Up to now, hundreds of Engineering cranes of Zoomlion brand have been sold in the Malaysian market. It is the enterprise with the best sales volume, the best quality and the highest market share among Chinese lifting machinery brands

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