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Zoomlion built the largest single Park of construction machinery in the world, and the Zoomlion smart industry city project was launched

on the morning of January 20, the Zoomlion smart industry city project starter invested, constructed, operated and managed by Zoomlion measured 1-point at the center of all samples in Xiangjiang New Area, Hunan Province. With the official launch of the project announced by Du Jiahao, Secretary of the Hunan provincial Party committee, the prelude to the 2019 industrial project construction year in Changsha also marks the new journey of Zoomlion to build a new highland of world-class equipment manufacturing industry with no pollution, low noise and high efficiency. Xu Dazhe, deputy secretary of the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee and governor of Hunan Province, delivered a speech at the launching ceremony

the scene of the launching ceremony of Zoomlion smart industry city project

leaders of Hunan Province Hu Henghua, Xie Jianhui, Zhang Jianfei, Chen Fei, relevant leaders of departments directly under the provincial government, Changsha Municipal Party committee and government, Xiangjiang NEW area, high tech Zone, chairman and CEO of Zoomlion zhanchunxin and other enterprise leaders attended the launching ceremony

Xu Dazhe pointed out in his speech that at present, the Hunan army of construction machinery has gone from domestic to the world and become an important part of made in China. We should take the launch of Zoomlion smart industry city project as a new starting point, solidly promote the annual activities of industrial project construction, accelerate the high-quality development of manufacturing industry, accelerate the construction of modern industrial system, and strive to build a number of industrial clusters with important international influence or national level. We should constantly enhance the technological innovation capacity of the manufacturing industry, strive to make breakthroughs in key technologies, promote the close integration of industrial chain, innovation chain and capital chain, and promote the transformation of products, industries and value chains from low-end to high-end. We should speed up the construction of a modern manufacturing base aimed at China's intelligent manufacturing demonstration and leading area, and promote the transformation from "made in Hunan" to "created in Hunan". Zoomlion smart industry city should adhere to high starting point planning, high standard design, high-quality construction and high-efficiency production; All relevant units should strengthen overall planning and coordination and take the initiative to create good conditions for the smooth progress of project construction

Zhan Chunxin said in his speech that he would like to thank leaders at all levels in the province and the city for their love and support for Zoomlion Heavy Industries and Zoomlion smart industry city projects. As an equipment manufacturing enterprise in Hunan, Zoomlion has actively participated in the construction of innovative Hunan. By building a smart industry city, Zoomlion has comprehensively upgraded traditional manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing, created an artificial intelligence industry, and harmoniously integrated modern industry into the natural ecology. Zoomlion will, in strict accordance with the deployment requirements of the government, build an intelligent, ecological and internationally leading industrial city with high quality, and make contributions to the construction of a rich, beautiful and happy new Hunan

rendering of Zoomlion smart industry city

it is reported that the Zoomlion smart industry city project, with an investment of 100 billion and an area of more than 9000 mu, will gather Zoomlion's existing equipment manufacturing industries in Changsha, such as concrete machinery, engineering lifting machinery, pavement machinery, fire machinery, and six national innovation platforms, and add new emerging industries and R & D experiments, such as earth moving machinery, aerial work machinery, smart agricultural machinery, artificial intelligence (AI) Product incubation base and artificial intelligence research and Application Center. After completion, it will become an internationally leading and large-scale monomer Park in the construction machinery industry, and an environmental friendly and ecological high-end equipment intelligent manufacturing base and artificial intelligence research and application base. At the same time, with complete supporting facilities such as business, office and living services, Zoomlion smart industry city will also become an ecological new city suitable for work and living, full of a sense of science and technology and a sense of the future

according to the plan, after the completion and operation of Zoomlion smart industry city in 2022, it can achieve a total output value of more than 100billion yuan, drive the income of upstream and downstream industries, and the crank rocker structure speed regulation has a dead center position limit of more than 50billion yuan, creating more than 30000 jobs

industry experts said that the Zoomlion smart industry city project can not only realize the aggregation and development of Zoomlion's multiple equipment manufacturing sectors, but also comprehensively upgrade traditional manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing through big data, Internet of things, artificial intelligence and other technologies. The launch of Zoomlion smart industry city project marks the further acceleration of Zoomlion's integration into a new round of scientific and technological innovation. The launch of the project will actively promote the transformation of China's equipment manufacturing from big to strong, and from made in China to made in China and "smart" in China

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