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Zoomlion, an Italian environmental protection master, how to "cook" Chinese kitchen garbage

how does Zoomlion Italian environmental protection master "cook" Chinese kitchen garbage

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on December 20, Huai'an chenjie Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd., which is controlled by Zoomlion investment, was approved by the relevant departments of Huai'an City, Jiangsu Province, and the Huai'an kitchen waste collection, transportation and treatment project officially entered the city's kitchen waste collection, transportation and disposal operation stage. At this time, it is the full anniversary of Zoomlion's signing to acquire ladurner (nadule), a leading European environmental industry company

as the Huai'an kitchen waste treatment project is the first domestic pilot project of Zoomlion integrating Italian ladurner technology and realizing in-depth application. Since the formal signing on December 24, 2015, Zoomlion has carried out close technical exchanges with ladurner company. The project has made major breakthroughs in anaerobic digestion system, renewable utilization of resources and odor control technology, reaching the domestic leading level, and at the same time, intelligent and automatic control

Huai'an kitchen waste treatment project factory area

Huai'an kitchen waste collection, transportation and treatment project was officially commissioned and put into operation, marking another solid step for Zoomlion from the first domestic environmental sanitation equipment manufacturer to the world's leading provider of overall environmental solutions

The Huai'an project of combining Chinese and Western medicine is committed to building a benchmark

it is understood that the Huai'an kitchen waste collection, transportation and treatment project covers an area of about 60 mu, with a total construction area of nearly 20000 square meters. Among them, the first phase of the demonstration project is designed to treat about 120 tons of kitchen waste per day, serving more than 1.2 million people. Through the planning and construction of Zoomlion, the wasteland in the past has been covered with green grass and the factory buildings are towering

the technical director of Zoomlion introduced that in the Huai'an kitchen waste treatment project, Zoomlion fully integrated the advanced technology of ladurner in Italy and put into use the European leading kitchen waste resource treatment technology for the first time

Huai'an kitchen waste treatment system integrated with European advanced technology

"the treatment process of Huai'an project mainly includes four aspects, including pretreatment system, back-end anaerobic digestion system, wastewater treatment system and end product resource system. This trial operation mainly focuses on pretreatment system and back-end anaerobic system. "

according to the introduction, the pretreatment system adopts the full three-dimensional design pretreatment system accumulated by Zoomlion for several years, which can simulate the material transfer process and optimize the pipeline design and equipment layout. Compared with the traditional two-dimensional design, the design time is saved by 30% and the cost of rework and renovation is reduced by 15%. The anaerobic digestion system in Huai'an also fully transforms the cutting-edge achievements of ladurner in Italy. Anaerobic digestion technology is regarded as urban waste One of the main technologies of garbage treatment is widely used in the United States and European countries, but the technical level of our country is quite different from that of foreign countries. Under the guidance of Italian ladurner experts, the anaerobic digestion technology of Huai'an kitchen waste has significantly improved the indicators of the products after waste recycling, and the comprehensive operation benefits are obvious

the above person in charge said that the product of anaerobic treatment is biogas. Biogas chemistry is called methane. It is a new renewable energy with great application prospects, which can be used for boiler heating or power generation, and biogas residue can be used to make organic fertilizer, effectively realizing the resource utilization of food waste. The project has handled more than 900 tons of kitchen waste. Huai'an anaerobic system has been producing biogas since October 2016, with a maximum of 2000 cubic meters of biogas per day, with a methane content of 67%, which is 60% higher than that of the industry

biogas produced by Huai'an anaerobic system can realize resource regeneration and utilization

in addition to the above two technologies, Huai'an project also uses a large number of independently developed high technologies in sorting and extraction

in sorting, Zoomlion's efficient sorting, crushing and impurity removal system with independent intellectual property rights is adopted to effectively improve the impurity removal rate and reduce the organic matter loss rate at the same time. The maximum particle size of the mixed slurry after the completion of the pretreatment system is controlled below 10mm to improve the pretreatment efficiency. At present, the system has applied for more than 60 patents, including 14 invention patents

"low oil extraction efficiency" has always been a difficult problem in the treatment of kitchen waste in China. Huai'an project adopts the coupling optimized multi-level parameter adjustment "cooking + oil extraction" three-phase separation technology to achieve high oil yield and low impurity content of food waste. The oil extracted from food waste can be used to prepare biodiesel, realize renewable utilization of resources, and reach the international leading level

Huai'an project also has many innovations in plant environment and control

the Huai'an project has realized the odor control of "fully enclosed + negative pressure collection". The odor control technology is among the top three in China. The biological deodorization system and plant spray process are used to treat it, and the point-to-point negative pressure odor collection is carried out for the equipment in the treatment line, so as to solve the common problems of dirty, messy, smelly and other harsh environments in the kitchen industry

at the same time, Huai'an plant has a high level of intelligence and automation. It adopts large-scale system equipment multi-level control and communication technology to achieve full automation control of the main equipment in the plant

according to the analysis of insiders, the investment scale of kitchen waste in China during the "13th five year plan" period is estimated to reach 13.6 billion, and the development prospect of the industry is promising. Huai'an project combines the advantages of Zoomlion and ladurner, and uses a number of innovative technologies to create a new mode of food waste treatment. In the future, it will become a model project of food waste treatment in China, and a new highlight of green environmental governance

engineers from China and Italy work together to build a domestic food waste treatment model project

deep integration Zoomlion accelerates its entry into the global environmental industry

over the past year, Zoomlion has fully integrated ladurner's international leading technology and project operation experience accumulated in the environmental industry over the years, and combined it with its strong manufacturing capacity, market network and capital operation advantages, In addition to the field of food waste, fruitful technical cooperation has also been carried out in the fields of wastewater treatment, solid waste treatment and contaminated site remediation

in terms of wastewater treatment, Hangzhou Lin'an 50t/d leachate treatment project adopts the treatment process of "biochemical treatment + reverse osmosis". The effluent meets the requirements of the pollution control standard for domestic waste landfill and can be directly discharged. At present, the project is under construction and equipment installation. The "coagulation sedimentation + reverse osmosis" technology has been used in the Guangxi Tianyang 100t/d leachate treatment project, which has been built with four important aspects of transaction payment. The 50t/d leachate treatment project in Shenyang, Liaoning Province adopts the integrated wastewater treatment equipment of Zoomlion, which has been delivered for use at present

in addition, the PPP project of urban-rural integration in Shimen County, Hunan Province is progressing smoothly. With the help of ladurner's environmental technology and engineering experience, the project will gradually develop all environmental businesses in many fields, including township sewage treatment, organic waste treatment, contaminated site remediation, etc

according to the relevant person in charge of Zoomlion, Zoomlion and ladurner will focus on cooperation in environmental remediation in the future, and expand environmental remediation business with the help of ladurner's advanced environmental remediation technology and rich engineering experience

industry experts believe that the total investment in environmental protection will exceed 17 trillion during the "13th five year plan". With the deep integration with ladurner and the landing of a large number of environmental operation projects such as the Huai'an kitchen waste collection and transportation project, Zoomlion has accelerated the transformation and upgrading from environmental sanitation equipment manufacturers to environmental protection equipment manufacturers to environmental protection equipment manufacturers. The sliding support of the active frame is placed on the lower steel column of the passive frame, and the overall solution provider and investment operator are successfully entering the global environmental high-end industrial chain. (article from Zoomlion)

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