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On November 5, Kodak medical "cloud video" appeared at the industry medical digitalization achievement exhibition

ctiforum (Jia'er): in order to further improve the hospital informatization level and summarize the informatization work achievements, the academic seminar of digital hospital construction and health information professional committee was held in Guangzhou on October 24 and 26, 2012. The theme of this meeting is to deepen application, explore and innovate, and comprehensively promote the development of health information. At the meeting, health information experts from the whole industry made special reports and in-depth comments on this theme, shared their experience in medical information management and information construction with the guests, and discussed the way forward for the construction of digital hospitals. The elongation at break of common polymer materials is mostly between 50% and 100%

as a leading video manufacturer, Kodak participated in the conference and the 2012 medical digital achievements exhibition held at the same time of the conference, and exhibited the new medical cloud video system launched according to the characteristics of the medical and health industry. The system includes remote operation teaching and guidance, telemedicine consultation, ICU visit, chief physician ward round, administrative video conference, full HD video monitoring and other applications, and can build a bridge between large hospitals and grass-roots hospitals, experts and patients, patients and their families. Advanced design based on cloud computing and Cloud Architecture this paper mainly summarizes the types, structural characteristics and performance of biomedical materials used in Ophthalmology, and focuses on the optical column materials and scaffold materials, intraocular lens materials, artificial vitreous materials, artificial eye prosthesis and artificial eye materials, artificial lacrimal passage and tear materials, corneal contact lens materials and ophthalmic drug carrier materials used in artificial cornea, The development direction and concept of biomedical ophthalmic materials, the complete, professional and open platform and clear and smooth video and audio effects set up an expert image of Kodak's solutions in the medical industry, leaving a deep impression on the audience

remote operation teaching and guidance

through Kodak interactive remote operation teaching and guidance system, experts and students can observe the operation remotely in real time, and experts can provide remote guidance on the operation process, thus solving many shortcomings of traditional clinical operation teaching, such as limited space and number of visitors in the operating room, high risk of cross infection

remote consultation

through Kodak remote consultation system, experts can consult with patients and doctors in different places face to face, analyze and discuss the patient's condition and determine the treatment plan. Remote consultation not only realizes the sharing of medical resources, expert resources, technical resources and scientific research achievements among hospitals, but also greatly saves medical expenses and improves medical level

icu remote visit/monitoring

through Kodak ICU remote visit/monitoring system, family members and patients receiving treatment in ICU can have video communication to provide companionship and comfort. At the same time, medical staff can also observe the situation of patients at any time through this system, so as to take necessary first-aid measures to ensure the safety of patients in case of emergency

chief physician's remote ward round

the laboratory machine industry still needs to work hard to find a road suitable for its own development and in line with the current economic development trend! Chief physician ward round is the core of physician ward round at all levels and plays an exemplary and leading role. Through Kodak remote ward round system, the chief physician can communicate face-to-face with the patients in the ward in the office to understand the patient's condition and real-time status. While improving the efficiency and quality of expert ward round, more patients can also enjoy expert services

administrative video conference

with the development of medical and health services, there is an increasing demand for video communication between internal departments and external cooperative hospitals. Keda administrative video conference system can be used for independent video communication anytime and anywhere to meet the daily administrative meetings of the hospital, visual calls between leaders, case discussions between departments, etc., so as to improve the operation efficiency of the hospital

Full HD video surveillance

hospital personnel have complex access, large flow, medical trouble and theft from time to time, involving outpatient, ward, toll office, drug dispensing office, nurse station, important entrances and exits and other areas. By breaking the key technical barrier of aluminum alloy research in Linyi City and Shandong Province and clearing the network video monitoring system, the hospital can carry out high-definition monitoring on important places, effectively improve the modernization level of technical defense in the hospital, and save manpower and material resources

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