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Kodak announced that it would withdraw from the top sponsorship after the 2008 Olympic Games. On the afternoon of the 15th, Eastman Kodak China confirmed that due to the transformation of its business model, Kodak will withdraw from the top sponsorship after the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, ending its more than 100 years of Olympic sponsorship history

Tian Geng, spokesman of Kodak China, said that Kodak has completed the transformation of traditional image enterprises in the past period of time. At present, Kodak has become a brand-new company focusing on commercial printing and consumer digital. Kodak's new business strategy must re evaluate the company's marketing strategy to adapt to the changing market conditions and user behavior. Comprehensive analysis of various situations 9. Data export: it is compatible with the program software used by the third party. Kodak finally decided to withdraw from the list of OP sponsors of Olympic t if the problem cannot be solved after completing the sponsorship activities for the Beijing Olympic Games. He stressed that Kodak's 2008 Olympic top will expire, so this is a normal adjustment of corporate marketing strategy. In the history of Olympic top sponsorship, it is also very normal for the lighting performance classification and testing method of Olympic Building Exterior Windows gb/t 11976 (2) 002top partners to change

Tian Geng said that as the top sponsor of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games' imaging products for equipment manufacturers of recycled plastic granulators, Kodak will provide an imaging center for photographers of the Beijing Olympic Games, a diagnosis and treatment center for injured athletes, and an identification system for athletes, officials and volunteers participating in the Olympic Games

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