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Kodak matchprint inkjet proofing solution

Kodak matchprint inkjet proofing solution comprehensively improves the workflow connectivity and color accuracy of on-demand inkjet proofing. Matchprint inkjet technology is based on the software developed by Kodak. It is also the first on-demand inkjet proofing solution based on powerful Kodak software. These software include innovative addition and correction technology and a new "color confirmation authentication processing" function

matchprint inkjet proofing solution can provide users with excellent color accuracy, significantly improve the smoothness of images, and have a fast correction tool. In addition, it can be directly connected to Kodak yinnengjie and Bisheng workflow system

matchprint inkjet proofing solution passed the certification of swop (rotary offset publishing specification organization) at the beginning of this year, which will ensure that content creators, printers and other relevant personnel can achieve reliable and predictable final colors in the rotary offset environment

"customers, agents, publishers and commercial printers are all looking for the best inkjet proofing solution. They require that this solution not only be simple to use, but also be integrated with existing design and prepress software, and achieve stable and accurate color matching." Gil Rosenfeld, product manager of Kodak inkjet proofing, said, "swop's certification of one of the instruments commonly used by matchprint inkjet proofing solution in our laboratory is the tensile testing machine, which reflects our efforts to provide the industry's highest level color proofing system."

the new "authentication processing of color confirmation" function on the matchprint inkjet proofing machine can further enhance users' confidence in proofing produced on the matchprint inkjet proofing machine. This function can check whether the proofing is generated according to the factory or industry color standards, so as to avoid quality problems in printing and reduce production costs. In addition, this function can also confirm whether the correct documents are used and whether the proofing machine has been correctly calibrated. If all the inspections meet the requirements, a label with "certification processing" mark will be printed on the proofing, indicating friendship prompt: if there is any unclear place, the color has been confirmed

"matchprint inkjet proofing machine is a highly competitive on-demand inkjet proofing solution. Combined with Kodak matchprint series media, it will provide users with accurate and stable inkjet proofing and comprehensively exceed their expectations." Gil said

matchprint inkjet proofing solutions are available in folio, four open and eight open formats, and can be equipped with a full set of matchprint inkjet proofing media to ensure high-quality color, content, large version and double-sided proofing. In order to improve the quality of double-sided proofing, Kodak can also provide the "double-sided media guide" developed by the company

source: Qilu printing

it can perfectly provide pre-processing and post-processing functions

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