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Kodak call center: give us the rest

Kodak once had an advertisement saying: you just press the shutter, and we will do the rest! Now it seems that the slogan can be changed into: pick it up and leave the rest to Kodak call center! Yes, this is why Kodak succeeded again. This is the key to the miraculous and rapid growth of Kodak's service business under the global financial crisis. At present, they have more than 200 patents

in a large company like Kodak, there are already many channels for customers to communicate their needs, as well as a large number of suppliers. Even in the face of many departments of customers, the service department needs to coordinate and communicate. This is a very complex and huge system. We are proud that Kodak service system has shielded all possible obstacles. What they present to customers is a simple interface, which is the customer call center. All the processes in this interface make the customer feel that this is a customer-centered process, and he cannot feel the complex operation behind this service system. This is the role of Kodak call center in the success of the whole service

upgraded call center

the upgraded call center can identify incoming calls, track and process documents, and ensure the completion of services. As part of Kodak's plan for the service department, the upgrade of the call center is only a prelude. Mr. Chenchunhong, customer service director of Kodak Greater China, told the author: the main reasons for our upgrade: first, the company attaches importance to service, and Kodak will double its service revenue in the next five years; On the other hand, China's service business is relatively immature. In the future, China's service demand will be in a process of rapid change. Therefore, to meet the needs of customers, we must upgrade our system to adapt to the changes of customers

the transformation of Kodak service center will be a long-term plan. It is reported that up to US $30million will be invested in this project in the next three years. This is Kodak's largest investment in information systems in recent years. This US $30million will focus on the transformation of service information systems. The whole customer relationship German a Waller first conducted systematic research on fatigue phenomena with a rotating fatigue testing machine, so he managed it, The call center is part of this transformation

what kind of service will Kodak's upgrade today create in the future? In the future, you can imagine a scenario in which the customer can use him to check the status of his parts orders, where the engineer is, and all the service related content are displayed on one platform. This is because if the change-over switch is turned on the quick back platform, it is our goal in the future. Kodak's service system is oriented to the next five years, which is also the goal and main content of Kodak's $30million investment. Kodak wants to make the whole service system create greater value

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