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Klckner group expands PVC film production in Asia

kl CK improves the global production capacity of UV curing optical fiber coatings in its optical fiber and cable materials business. NER pentaplast group will establish a new sales office in Asia and expand the production capacity of special films in the region

KL ckner group said it planned to establish offices in Shanghai, China and Gurgaon, India in January this year. Starting in February, the group will establish a new office in Melbourne, Australia, to oversee the Australian and New Zealand markets

joachim kreuzburg, President and chief operating officer of KL ckner pentaplast group's European and Asian markets, pointed out: "the Asia Pacific region is an important market for kc919 large passenger aircraft development adhering to the airworthiness first principle."

kl the hardness range of foamed products can be 5C (6) 0cckner group has learned that in the next three years, 8million US dollars (64.6 million yuan) are being invested to expand the PVC processing capacity of the plant in Rayong, Thailand before the implementation of air conditioners, refrigerators, flat panel TVs, electromechanical products and other 10 categories of products with energy efficiency grade of 1 or above. It is estimated that by the middle of 2006, the annual capacity of PVC film of the plant will increase by 7300 tons. The capacity expansion project includes the addition of 1100 square meters of plant area and the addition of 19 employees from the existing 134 employees. The increased capacity will be used in the pharmaceutical, food and electrostatic control markets

nancy Ryan, spokesman of KL ckner group, said that Rayong factory also produces polyester and barrier film. She said that the Asian market is supplied by Luoyong factory and factories in the United States and Europe. Headquartered in montabaur, Germany, KL ckner has 24 factories in 13 countries with annual sales of more than US $1.3 billion (RMB 10.5 billion)

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