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Kodak inkjet printing paper leads the new trend of DIY

the Spring Festival is coming. Many people will personally make new year greeting cards to their loved ones and friends to send cordial greetings. Kodak inkjet printing paper leads the new trend of DIY. It can print high-quality photos at home at any time, which is infinitely convenient. In order to make it easier for more people to print photos at home, Kodak has launched an international standard photo size inkjet printing paper and a quick drying inkjet printing paper for popular users, so that users can have more choices when printing at home

the latest 4 x 6 inch photo printing paper is most suitable for making new year cards and other creative gifts. Although the size is small, it can still be used to make personalized and exquisite gifts for family and friends. Users can easily upload photos and print high-quality photos

"Kodak is a synonym for photo printing. By publishing 4 x 6 inch international standard photo size photo printing paper that is convenient for users to use, users can easily print with Kodak high-quality inkjet printing paper at home without waiting to immediately share good memories," said Wu Bin, product manager of inkjet printing consumables of Kodak digital imaging department

4 x 6 inch inkjet photo paper is the best paper for snapshots. It is perfect for making new year cards or gifts and sharing new year and holiday photos with family and friends on this holiday season. This new type of photo paper allows users to enjoy the same quality photos as the traditional Kodak fast color development chain store. Users can print their own beautiful photos and put them in the photo envelope. This photo envelope makes it easier for users to share and protect photos. In addition, using this paper can also avoid the need to cut the photo paper because the printed image is small. This is not only a waste of ink-jet printing paper, but also the result of cutting may be difficult to satisfy you without a suitable paper cutter

for those who are concerned about setting the printer to fit smaller print paper, Kodak's EasyShare II version software sets the image up to fit smaller paper. The "one touch to better pictures" function of the software (included in Kodak camera package and Kodak print pack) can automatically change the printer driver settings to ensure that users get the best quality printed photos

Kodak also realized that users often need to print large-size photos or print text plus photo files at home, so it released a stable high-quality paper product - 8 x 11 inch (A4 size) popular photo printing paper, which has the characteristics of fast drying and is most suitable for home users

Kodak popular photo printing paper is suitable for printing photos quickly. It has the characteristics of fast drying, so that photos can be shared immediately after printing. Kodak universal photo printing paper is most suitable for users who like to print many photos or who are just beginning to try to print digital photos at home. This kind of photo paper is also suitable for making various arts and crafts products (such as New Year cards and gifts) because it can be printed repeatedly at low cost

the release of these three latest inkjet printing photo papers means that so far, Kodak has provided users with 13 devices suitable for various experimental machines used at home. The device of this experimental machine has a solid foundation and three grades of inkjet printing photo paper

"we hope that printing photos or documents with photos with photo printing paper can become a habit of Chinese users." Said Wu Bin, product manager of inkjet printing consumables of Kodak digital imaging department

"but at the same time, faced with so many choices, users began to understand that using different types of inkjet printing paper will get different output results." Wu Bin, product manager of inkjet printing consumables of Kodak digital imaging department, further explained, "Kodak provides users with various types of paper for printing at home, from high-quality photo paper to popular photo printing paper, as well as inkjet printing paper of various weights, glossiness and sizes.

DIY Tips for the new year Close to the texture and thickness of traditional photos, the printed photos have bright color levels and can be preserved for 30 years. They are suitable for displaying and preserving the most precious photos. Both texture and appearance can be compared with traditional photos

3. Super Premium matte paper is also indispensable. Special grade inkjet paper has thick pure white paper and can be dried immediately. It is the first choice for making high-quality image greeting cards and illustrations

4. The high-quality 4-inch glossy photo inkjet paper, which needs no cutting and is convenient for printing, ensures the photo level printing effect. The images are fine and beautiful, and can be dried immediately. It is suitable for the production of high-quality images, 4-inch photos of family life and postcards

5. A simple method of uploading photos should be used. For example, in conjunction with the one touch to better picture function of Kodak picture software, it can not only ensure the quality of photos, but also simplify the process of printing photos, making it easier and faster to make the annual greeting card proposed by the Hubei Provincial New material industry development action plan (hereinafter referred to as the plan) officially issued by the new provincial economic and Information Technology Commission

Kodak's paper products are divided into the following types:

ultima Royal premium photo paper – suitable for high-quality professional photos, enlargers of favorite photos and framed photos. This is a kind of heavyweight photo paper, which is divided into ultra gloss and satin finish. It can be used to make photos with full and bright colors

premium quality photo paper – suitable for reproduction and enlargement of favorite photos, making the printed photos have the appearance and texture of traditional photos. At the same time, it has excellent photo quality, including ultra gloss and satin finish

photo paper – suitable for printing daily photos, making photos rich in detail. In addition, the user can perform double-sided printing on the glossy paper

popular photo printing paper – suitable for quick printing or users who like to print many photos. It is suitable for users who are just trying to print digital photos at home. It has the feature of fast drying and can be shared immediately after printing. This paper electronic universal testing machine tests the static bending strength and elastic modulus according to the figure (the figure is omitted). The indenter must coincide with the length center line of the test piece. There is only one specification: smooth surface

bright white paper – suitable for economical printing of newsletters and flyers. It has an ultra bright fog surface and can be used in all inkjet printers, laser printers and copiers

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