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Klaus Murphy won the 2012spe automotive industry plastic award

Klaus Murphy recently won the first place in the 2012spe automotive industry media and publishing category

the jury made its judgment on the basis of Klaus mafi's professional ability in the field of producing lightweight composite fibers from 1.5875mm steel balls produced by BASF, one of the largest foreign investors in China's chemical industry, according to the requirements of customers. The color pages of Klaus mafi not only provide a complete overview of the professional modular smarttest measurement and control software of "details of different technologies", but also illustrate the production process and application fields through charts and photos

in addition to automotive composites, Klaus mafi also focuses on ship construction, multi-purpose vehicles, agricultural machinery, railway transportation, logistics, aircraft construction, wind energy and sports equipment production. All cross technical processes of producing composite fiber plastics are explained in detail through product illustrations, so that all customers, no matter which branch of the value chain, can understand the whole value chain of Klaus mafi

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