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Keda officially released the 2016 mobile police series new products

ctiforum on May 23 (Liwenjie): on May 18, 2016, the second day of the Eighth China International Police Equipment Expo, Keda officially held the 2016 mobile police new products conference in the National Conference Center. Nearly 70 customers, partners, PMT alliance experts and media friends from the public security and related industries witnessed the whole release process

the host announced the start of the press conference

at the beginning of the press conference, Mr. wangzhihai, chairman of China Police Mobile Technology Innovation Alliance (hereinafter referred to as PMT alliance), addressed the press conference and introduced the background, mission, process, organizational system and operation mechanism of the establishment of PMT alliance in detail to the on-site guests. Chairman Wang said that the PMT alliance is a national, professional and non-profit group voluntarily formed by dozens of domestic mobile police enterprises under the guidance of the science and Information Bureau of the Ministry of public security and relevant departments and the initiative of academicians Fang Binxing and Liu Yao. It is a bridge and link to promote and develop China's mobile government affairs and mobile police. The establishment of the PMT alliance, It will play a positive role in promoting the popularization of mobile policing in China

pmt alliance chairman wangzhihai delivered a speech

subsequently, Mr. chenweidong, general manager of Kodak, delivered a speech, reviewing Kodak's accumulated achievements in the field of mobile police for on-site guests. President Chen said that Keda has launched three series of mobile police related products: the first is six series of mobile terminals, including mobile police terminals, intelligent law enforcement recorders, tachographs, mobile individuals, mobile vehicles and mobile portable image transmission; The second is a series of police wearable equipment, including ear mounted cameras, button cameras, air duct intercom earphones, DV adaptive bracelets, etc; The third is the two application platforms of shixintong and zhizhantong, on which 9 categories of mobile police app applications have been realized

speech by chenweidong, general manager of Kodak

after the speech by President Wang and general manager Chen, Mr. yangruoyang, police product manager of Kodak mobile formally introduced the protagonist of the press conference. At this press conference, Kodak released three star level products: the second generation mobile police terminal p1s, intelligent law enforcement recorder, and visual communication application platform

yangruoyang, manager of Kodak mobile police product, introduced the new product

the second generation mobile police terminal p1s

compared with the first generation of Kodak mobile police terminal P1, the second generation mobile police terminal p1s has a greater improvement in performance. It is equipped with 8-core snapdragon 652 cores and supports H 2654K@30 Frame/second video processing, 4G memory and 16million pixel camera provide strong hardware support for the in-depth application of mobile police. In addition, the gap between the moving knife and the fixed knife of the second generation mobile police terminal p1s: the communication ability of the crusher above 20HP with a better size of 0.8mm has also been further enhanced. It supports 4g+ (i.e. 4.5g), and has the characteristics of volte and carrier aggregation. It not only has faster uplink speed, voice communication and data/video transmission can be carried out at the same time without mutual interference

in addition, the second-generation mobile police terminal p1s also has a series of features, such as one second switching police dual system, single card dual APN simultaneous, independent Beidou, ip671.5m fall prevention, etc

Kodak second-generation mobile police terminal p1s

law enforcement recorder

different from the law enforcement recorder in the current market, Kodak law enforcement recorder is an intelligent law enforcement recorder integrated with intelligent hardware platform. It is equipped with android5.1 customized police operating system and 2.2-inch capacitive touch screen. It supports 1080p high-definition video resolution. In addition to traditional law enforcement instrument functions such as local video recording, marking video recording and capturing, It can also realize in-depth application functions such as police, 4G image transmission, PTT intercom, gps/Beidou dual positioning, second-generation license scanning, etc. The law enforcement recorder also supports security encryption card, which can access police information

Keda law enforcement recorder

video communication platform

application is the core of mobile policing. For this reason, Keda grandly launched a mobile police application platform closely fitting the actual police business - shixintong. Videotex is a message service platform that integrates multimedia information communication services such as video, audio and data. Visual communication can be installed on mobile police terminals, law enforcement recorders, vehicle mounted tablets, PCs and other terminal equipment. At present, it can realize five functions: police, PTT intercom, wireless image transmission, video intercom and flat command. The visual communication platform adopts a distributed cluster architecture and can support 2million users at the same time. Shixintong is also an open platform compatible with Android 4.0 and the exhibition organizing committee sincerely invites enterprises and people to participate in the exhibition! The special terminal and general terminal on the provide secondary development interface

Kodak visual communication platform

Kodak is the executive director unit of PMT alliance and one of the nine initiators of the alliance. At present, it is the main member of the overall group, terminal group and application group of the alliance. Due to its profound accumulation in the video field, Kodak was also established as the leader of the video group of the alliance at the second council meeting of the alliance, responsible for studying the standards related to video applications in the mobile police field

in just over two years, Kodak has formed a complete mobile police product line from terminal, platform, and application, and has achieved good market performance in the public security, armed police, border defense, transportation, court and other industries. The actual application of the products in the Security Bureau of the Ministry of public security, Shandong armed police, Guangdong Public Security and other places has also produced a greater industry influence than the research on biological functional materials in recent years. Facing the booming mobile police market, Kodak is willing to work with partners to build a dynamic mobile police ecosystem

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