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Kodak's new structure HD IP Camera appeared in the ctiforum of Beijing security Expo on December 18 (Guo Jia): in 2009, a series of HD network cameras made obvious breakthroughs in technology, so it was called the HD first year of domestic video monitoring. At the 2010 Beijing security Expo, a HD storm blew up at the exhibition site. Two years later, as the front-end product of HD video monitoring, HD video camera still occupied an important booth position of exhibitors in the 2012 Beijing Ambo venue, becoming the mainstream product of video monitoring in the whole Ambo exhibition. As a leading brand in the network security industry, Keda has exhibited brand-new products and concepts in every security Expo in recent years. At this year's Beijing security Expo, Keda exhibited more than 40 high-definition network camera products, which attracted different customer groups. In particular, several new high-definition network cameras with new structural design were particularly dazzling in front of the booth with their unique shapes

ipc421 series: soft on the outside and hard on the inside 360 panoramic spirit

the ipc421 on display by Kodak this time is a high-definition high-speed spherical network camera, which has a soft and beautiful appearance, and the whole camera has a water drop structure. Ipc421 series ball machine adopts Kodak's new professional structure design, 2million pixel high-definition movement, supports 1080p, 720p and other high-definition resolutions, 20 times optical zoom, rapid focusing, built-in all metal high-speed pan tilt, and key components are top brands in the industry, which can ensure the long-term stable operation of the equipment and quickly and accurately locate the monitoring target. The structure design without tail line makes wiring more convenient. IP66 grade professional protection can completely prevent the entry of dust, and can resist the invasion of rain with the pressure equivalent to the level of big waves, fully meeting the service conditions in various harsh outdoor environments

ipc2 is no exception in China 32. Ipc213: Armored warrior new anti riot HD hemisphere

ipc232 and ipc213 are also Keda new structural design products. In terms of shape and style, the measured value of tensile strength of ipc42 class a joint shall be greater than or equal to the standard value of tensile strength of reinforcement base metal; 1. It comes down in one continuous line and is in the shape of water drops, which is beautiful and generous. It supports a high-definition resolution of up to 3million pixels (QXGA), with strong detail expression, and can basically meet the needs of various high-definition images. At the same time, it supports a variety of lens specifications, covering all focal segments from 2.2mm to 10mm. In addition to the common manual focusing lens, this series of products also support electric zoom lens. Users can remotely control zoom and auto focus, making it more convenient to use. The interior adopts a unique three-axis design, which can rotate at any angle to ensure no dead angle for monitoring. The anti riot shell can prevent malicious external force damage. It is a real armored warrior in interrogation, supervision and other scenes. At the same time, this series of products also support 30 meter infrared, with no tail line waterproof design and IP66 protection grade design, and can also provide safety monitoring guarantee for complex places such as squares and stations

ipc822: it is a high-definition all-in-one network camera that can be flexibly matched with a variety of small King Kong

ipc822. Kodak's all-in-one machine is somewhat similar to a gun machine in appearance. Its BNC video interface can support CVBS analog and HD-SDI HD digital signal output. Ipc822 supports IP and HD-SDI HD modes. Therefore, it is both a network HD camera and an HD-SDI HD camera

the all-in-one camera is the abbreviation of the integrated camera in the monitoring industry. It generally refers to the camera with embedded lens and automatic focusing. It shares a core component movement with the ball machine. It can be used alone, can also be used with the shield outdoors, and can also be combined with the PTZ camera. Because of the diversity of the PTZ, the PTZ camera formed by this combination can meet the various needs of users. For example, if you choose a small ordinary PTZ with high cost performance, you can select a PTZ that supports the elevation angle for upward monitoring, and select a heavy PTZ that can resist the wind. Ipc822 is installed in the shield. Its electric zoom feature can avoid the problem that the lens of the gun is loose due to environmental reasons and needs to be adjusted on site. At the same time, it supports the RS485 extended application. It can control the shield rain. The company is planning to issue convertible bond brushes and other auxiliary functions in a non-public manner to facilitate their application in harsh environments. Therefore, this versatile all-in-one machine can be widely used in a variety of application scenarios such as roads, squares, ports, etc

because of its small size and portability, it is also the favorite of the interrogation system. The 4 Mm ultra long focal length, and ipc822 supports electric zoom and automatic focusing, which can effectively shorten the installation and commissioning time of portable interrogation system and help interrogators work quickly. In terms of telemedicine, it supports HD-SDI features, auto focusing and 1080p HD output, which can meet the requirements of high-definition and real-time surgical medical images, and can also be used for live broadcast and video recording of medical anatomy lectures

lc211: a little bit of wisdom

lc211 is a high-definition Mini hemispherical network camera. It is small and compact. Its body size is only 96mm and 61mm. Its appearance and structure design are mysterious. Therefore, you should leave enough free space around the experimental machine. Put it in the palm of your hand, and it can still be held by one palm. During installation and use, its small body can be integrated with the environment. Equipped with a 1.3 megapixel image sensor, a variety of 2.8mm, 3.6mm, 6mm and 8mm lenses can be selected to meet the different needs of customers for wide-angle and long-distance shooting. At the same time, it supports 10 to 20 meters of infrared and 720p high-definition resolution, so that this compact camera can clearly show the image effects during the day and night. The three-axis structure technology enables the lc211 lens to have three-dimensional adjustment ability. Compared with the ordinary two-axis camera, it can more freely eliminate the dead angle in the camera and can carry out more accurate positioning

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