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Kodak determines the listing date of stream inkjet printer

Kodak has recently determined the final time to bring its stream cobalt soaring continuous inkjet color printer to the market

the company announced that this digital printing machine with offset machine quality will officially meet customers in early 2010, and its print head will be launched this year

Kodak's corresponding standard preparation and revision work must also follow up. It is claimed that under the current configuration, the stream concept machine can process 2500 A4 pages per minute in the equipment of the extrusion unit, or print on the roll paper with the width of mm at the speed of M/min

this printer will directly challenge the digital web offset printer launched by HP at the drupa 2008 exhibition. Their market is mainly focused on the short edition printing of newspapers

Kodak said that the commercial operation of stream technology is proceeding in an orderly manner. At the same time, this printing machine is expected to enter the market in 2010

Antonio M. Perez, chairman and CEO of Kodak, said that although their digital printing products are powerful, they have not seen any obvious signal of economic recovery so far

he said: Kodak will become a smaller and more profitable company in 2009. We will continue to expand our share in the digital printing market and enter 2010 with a more competitive image

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