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>& gt;& gt; Don't take all kinds of hardware installation steps lightly

what grade of materials to choose is always the most difficult part for me, because the price of materials I like is always greatly different from our budget. I am always in a contradiction between giving up my favorite materials or desperately bargaining to buy my favorite materials at the price within the budget. I think it is my incomparable love for home and my stubborn pursuit of the quality of things that support me and make me persevere in seeking various ways to lower the price

bargaining is an essential part of the process of home decoration. People who have not installed and repaired can't experience the feeling of silver flowing away from their hearts. In order to make the silver that my husband and I have worked hard to bring back to the greatest effect, I have done my best in my life to tap my ability to fight with JS. I regard bargaining as a process of persuading JS to move forward according to my ideas, and this is exactly what I am best at

through many battles with JS, I found some business rules of JS

1. Most brands are sold in the form of rebates, that is, JS needs to achieve a considerable amount of sales every month to enjoy the lower purchase price and profit rebates given by the manufacturer. So some JS will even purchase a certain number of products and save them to ensure their agency qualification when they can't complete their tasks in the off-season or at the end of the month. Usually, this is the weakest time for JS. They even sell their products at the base price

2. Different JS choose different profit points when they represent the same product, which is particularly prominent in the sales of ceramic tiles. Some JS choose to make a profit on ordinary bricks, and some choose to make a profit on waistline or flower chips, so the quotation given is different. Making good use of these differences can let you get a very favorable price on the whole product

3. For the same product, JS in the building materials market with a relatively poor location will offer a slightly lower price, and it is easier to further bargain, because the market rent is relatively cheap and the passenger flow is relatively small, So the chances of being persuaded will be relatively large

now I will share with you some bargaining experience I have summarized:

1. Try to arrange shopping in the building materials city from Monday to Friday. Because there are relatively few people shopping from Monday to Friday, the price of JS will also be lower than that on weekends. If you have to shop on weekends, you have to be cheeky and harass JS tirelessly until he sells it to you at the price you want

the way to negotiate with JS from Monday to Friday: Tell JS that there are few people at ordinary times and the rent of the booth is so expensive that you can't earn back by relying on the turnover on weekends alone. If you earn less, you can at least keep the principal; Tell JS that you are very rich today and don't mind talking with him for a long time until he agrees; Tell JS that not every business needs to make a lot of money. Sometimes sales are also very important. Without sales, you may not get a preferential purchase price. It's better to buy it for you than to buy it by yourself at the end of the month

the way to negotiate with JS on weekends: there are many people on weekends, and JS easily refuses to give in. Anyway, if you don't buy it, others will buy it. At this time, there is a unique trick: P, follow JS closely, even if he ignores you, follow him, keep talking, and don't give him the chance to talk to other customers. Tell JS that you have done a lot of market research, and his things are worth so much money. The price you give is not nonsense. If he doesn't sell it to you, you won't leave, but will always give it to him “ Do work ” Let him imagine how many opportunities he will lose to make money on a good weekend because of your entanglement




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