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These days, the streets are full of bad hearted people. This is not true. Recently, a woman spent hundreds of thousands to buy a suite and was ready to check in. She found that the owner had disfigured the decoration before moving away. What to do in such a situation! Let's see what the experts say

the ceiling door disappeared

the decoration of the house was completely destroyed

after learning that Xiang moved away from the auction house, Ms. Pang and the court executives went to see the house together and found that the house had been seriously "disfigured". According to the court staff, all the embedded wires in the room were cut off, the wardrobe door and kitchen ceiling were also removed, the doors of the kitchen bedroom and other rooms were also missing, and even the infrastructure of the bathroom was damaged

seeing such a scene, Ms. Pang was very angry. When she bought the house, the people's Court of Luxian County ruled that it was moderately decorated. She originally thought that she could live in as long as she bought some furniture and household appliances, but now she had to redecorate it. Ms. Pang estimated that it would cost at least 70000 yuan to reinstall the house

Li Shibing told the reporter of Chengdu Business Daily that after the house decoration was found to be damaged at the scene, the law enforcement officers immediately took photos and video evidence, and then confirmed that the house was damaged to a certain institute. Xiang said that he felt dissatisfied with the low price of the house being auctioned, and did not know that the ownership of the house was no longer owned by him after the auction, and that intentional destruction had been suspected of violating the law

Ms. Pang understood this. She said that it was unrealistic to ask Xiang to pay 70000 yuan or 70000 yuan for compensation, because he himself owed a lot of money. "I asked him to pay my rent for the previous few months, compensate me a little, and take 10000 or 20000 yuan."

reach a settlement and compensate 15000

the original homeowner is exempt from accountability

on the morning of April 29, Ms. Pang and a reached a settlement agreement with a certain person in the Luxian County People's court, paying Ms. Pang 15000 yuan of compensation immediately to a certain person, and making an apology for her behavior. Ms. Pang will no longer investigate the relevant responsibility of a certain person

Xiang said that in this incident, he realized his mistake and said that he would learn and understand the law in the future and would no longer do anything against the law

for such destructive delivery, Zhang Tao, deputy director of the Executive Bureau of the people's Court of Luxian County, said, "because the house has been sealed up in the process of disposal, the person subjected to execution has destructively damaged many parts of the house when delivering the house, which has completely affected the main body of the house and violated the Civil Procedure Law of the people's Republic of China." Article 111, the third item of the first paragraph, is to deliberately damage the property sealed up and detained by the people's court. According to the relevant provisions of the law, those who have minor circumstances shall be admonished, those who have serious circumstances shall be fined and detained, and those who constitute a crime may also be investigated for criminal responsibility in accordance with the law. "

Zhang Tao introduced that Xiang's practice belongs to malicious destruction of things seized by the court, and the court can investigate his responsibility in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. However, in this case, both parties are willing to negotiate on compensation, so Luxian County People's court organized both parties to negotiate





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