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Gather strength to "win" the core brand - Xichai builds China's "core" with brand strength

gather strength to "win" the core brand - Xichai builds China's "core" with brand strength

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in August, "2017 Wuxi entrepreneur activity day and entrepreneur annual meeting", qianhengrong, factory director of FAW Jiefang Xichai (hereinafter referred to as "Xichai") and The Secretary of the Party committee attended the meeting and made a keynote speech and exchange of experience in brand building. At the meeting, Qian Hengrong systematically expounded the objectives, ideas, main measures and achievements of Xichai brand construction from three aspects: why to build the brand, how to build the brand, and the practices and experiences of brand construction, which was unanimously agreed and highly praised by the participants

from the perspective of global enterprise practice, brand is the most critical factor for the long-term development of an enterprise. Brand is to enable consumers to identify the providers of products or services at a glance and distinguish them from the products or services provided by competitors; Brand is the experience and feeling of consumers on products or services. In the cognitive era, the essence of positioning is to achieve brand differentiation in the minds of consumers, so as to highlight value and be worth buying

the influence of Chinese national brands is inseparable from the increasingly strong made in China. The overall strategy for Xichai's four start-ups has determined that "four major changes" will be realized by 2025, one of which is "from product marketing to brand marketing". As the engine enterprise with the longest history in China, Xichai contributes to every breakthrough in China's engine industry with every step under its feet

China power expert Da, with Zhiyuan

in the process of further promoting the brand strategy, Xichai people insist on "brand positioning should not be disordered". Over the past 74 years, they have always focused on the R & D and manufacturing of engines, constantly surpassing in cultural construction, product quality, management level, user service and other aspects, so that the advantages of Xichai products are highlighted, Make the image recognition of Xichai brand more clear in the minds of consumers

in order to highlight the leading advantages of "power experts" of Xichai brand, each team of Xichai has made unremitting efforts in three aspects. First, focus on product technology, dare to be the first, innovate infinitely, promote the construction of "five mechanisms" for innovation, build "five technology platforms", form "ten core technologies" and enhance the leading edge; Second, focus on manufacturing technology, organically integrate the manufacturing experience accumulated for decades with the current most advanced process technology, vigorously promote intelligent manufacturing and green manufacturing, and ensure that each engine delivered from Xichai is a high-quality product with the industry-leading manufacturing technology; Third, focus on the cultivation of talents. While paying attention to the cultivation of innovative and leading talents, we also pay more attention to the cultivation of operation masters with the spirit of "focus, lean and innovation", making Xichai a talent base for all kinds of "big country craftsmen"

with the mind of "reaching the goal and helping the world", Xichai people use brand strength to reflect the substantive leap of China's independent brands in the field of scientific and technological innovation, and continue to lead the progress of the engine industry

refinement leads to sincerity

ten years of sharpening a sword, sharpening the fragrance of plum blossom. Over the years, Xichai has always focused on building China's power highland with the goal of "China's power experts"

the core task of a manufacturing enterprise is to create profitability for users and become the preferred supplier in the minds of users, which is the core value of a manufacturing enterprise brand. Through a series of independent R & D and technological innovation, Xichai has built the product characteristics of Xichai brand around "fuel-efficient" and "reliable", and transformed the product characteristics of "fuel-efficient" and "reliable" into selling points that are difficult to surpass competitive products, accurately perceived by users and guaranteed throughout the system. On the one hand, it continued to consolidate the most remarkable feature of "fuel saving" of Xichai diesel engine, starting from product research and development, vehicle matching, user use and other links, so as to achieve fuel saving in the system and keep the system leading in the fuel saving industry; On the other hand, guided by the value chain, continuously improve the system support, optimize the product birth, brand marketing and user service processes, extend the lean concept to both ends of product design and service management, and ensure that each work in each link is measurable and traceable

with brand connotation as the core, Xichai promotes the process of product R & D, production, sales and service based on the needs of users. While focusing on technological innovation, it redefines the service concept based on the standards of the service industry, but only in February and March this year. It takes the way of empathy and places itself in the interests of users. The service brand "Jingxin service" of Xichai aims to "provide users with efficient, fast, intimate and satisfactory exclusive services", meet users' personalized experience, focus on after-sales service, and constantly create derivative value for users, making it the benchmark of the service brand in the engine industry

in the process of development, Xichai never forgets the corporate society, actively practices the concept of green development, implements national environmental protection laws and regulations, strictly implements emission standards, and transforms the brand value of "quality, energy efficiency, innovation and symbiosis" into the recognition of Xichai brand by society and consumers

be sincere and open with gold and stone. It is the pragmatic spirit of Xichai people that moves consumers with sophisticated products and users with sincere feelings, laying a solid foundation for the brand construction and development of Xichai

constant, so that for a long time

the competition in the future commercial vehicle market is no longer the competition of price, but the competition of brand influence. The automobile industry is in a critical period of reform, and brand strategy is related to the future direction of an enterprise. Although the brand communication of an enterprise is not the direct perception of the brand by consumers, it can greatly improve consumers' awareness of the brand, especially in the short term. But in the long run, brand communication is not achieved overnight, but by the steady development of enterprises. A product or brand that has been on the market for a long time will be recognized by the market and consumers. Because people will think that there must be a reason why a product or brand can survive for so long

the brand communication of Xichai depends on persistence, always focusing on the brand positioning of "high-end", "fuel-efficient" and "reliable", which is systematic and continuous. Since 2014, when the brand strategy was officially determined as the highest strategy, Xichai has "adhered to the brand leadership", and it should make every effort to break through the difficulties and obstacles encountered by the strategic products and strategic markets identified by scientific decision-making, and never give up. Through the unremitting efforts of Xichai people, it has not only achieved sustained and healthy development, especially the sales volume of Aowei heavy diesel engine has ranked first in the industry for many consecutive years, and the intangible asset value of Xichai brand has exceeded 10 billion. The brand recognition, reputation and loyalty of Xichai are rising continuously, and the experience accumulated from the brand construction practice has played a positive role in promoting the development of the industry

brand communication is not only an important part of building a brand image, but also a step-by-step and lasting project. Focusing on the overall requirements of "goal orientation, pragmatism, honesty and perseverance", Xichai's brand communication is steady, step by step, aiming at the user's perception, gradually imprinting on the user's heart, and transforming the factory's brand positioning and mission demands into the user's value recognition of Xichai's brand, Build a clear image of "national brand, high-end power" of Xichai

in the four entrepreneurial stages, Xichai has established its brand strategic goal: through 15 years, it has grown from a "product centered engine manufacturer" to a "leading and internationally renowned supplier of high-end power brands in China". Focusing on this goal, Xichai people have carried out various work in accordance with the clear brand positioning, and achieved a double harvest of business benefits and brand value


at the end of August, Xichai held a "code of conduct for brand leadership and new R & D culture conference". At the press conference, the staff of the sales company interpreted the real story of the front line of marketing with the sitcom entitled "core service, system marketing". Through the sitcom, we deeply realized that the trust of users in the brand of Xichai is the key to the formation of differentiation advantage of the brand and the meaning of the connotation and extension of the brand in the fierce market competition

after the error of the most indicated value in the press conference was no more than ± 1%, all members read out the brand declaration of Xichai sincerely from the heart:

we cherish quality as life

lay the foundation stone of the national brand

persevere in innovation and low carbon

cast the soul of high-end power

break the bottleneck concept of domestic nylon industry development with lean

achieve harmony and symbiosis with society

, At the "the 16th China internal combustion engine and parts exhibition 2017" opened in Beijing, Xichai made a grand appearance with five high-end power products, showing the strength and responsibility of national brands. We are convinced that the brand declaration will be deeply rooted in the hearts of every Xichai people, no matter in the past, now or in the future

heguangyuan, former Minister of Machinery Department of the 16th China International internal combustion engine and parts exhibition, visited the Xichai booth in person

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