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On July 1 this year, the transition period for China to implement the new quarantine requirements for imported wooden packaging has ended. According to the measures for the supervision and administration of quarantine of imported wooden packaging, all imported wooden packaging should be disinfected in accordance with the requirements of the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) and attached with IPPC special marks. The imported wooden packages without IPPC mark will be disinfected or destroyed under the supervision of the inspection and quarantine institution

since this year, Shandong inspection and Quarantine Bureau has intercepted a total of 240 batches of pests from the wooden packaging of imported goods, which came from South Korea, the United States, Japan, Indonesia, the European Union and other countries and regions. According to relevant regulations, Shandong Bureau has carried out quarantine and disinfestation or destruction of these wooden packages, and has also imposed corresponding administrative penalties on many importers for their illegal acts of failing to declare wooden packages. According to incomplete statistics, the illegal act of failing to declare to the inspection and quarantine department that the imported goods carry wooden packaging has occurred from time to time, and is becoming more and more serious, which will certainly increase the risk of carrying and spreading pests in the wooden packaging of imported goods, and pose a great threat to China's agricultural and forestry production

the main reasons for the above problems are as follows: foreign suppliers do not understand the relevant laws and regulations of China, and do not understand the concept of wooden packaging clearly. They think that wooden packaging only refers to wooden cases and pallets, but skids, sleepers, liners, etc. do not belong to the category of wooden packaging, so they do not have to apply for entry; The cost of heat treatment abroad is high, and some importers have a fluke mentality, deliberately not as good as the actual application to further improve the standardization level of urban management; The implementation of the deposit system for beverage packaging materials was reported in an attempt to muddle through; The wood packaging treatment is unqualified. It is found from the wood packaging of imported goods that there are both saprophytic pests secondary infected after treatment and native parasitic pests in the wood

in this regard, Shandong inspection and Quarantine Bureau suggests that:

further strengthen the publicity of inspection and quarantine laws and regulations, so that enterprises can understand the concept and scope of inbound wood packaging, and improve their awareness of law-abiding. At the same time, the importers are reminded to write the quarantine clauses of imported wooden packaging into the contract when signing the contract, so as to prevent the goods from being able to pass the customs normally due to the non-compliance of wooden packaging with the specified requirements, which will cause unnecessary losses to the enterprise

in the ASTM specification, the standard Charpy V-shaped sample is used to evaluate the integrity of foreign suppliers and enterprises applying marks for wood packaging pest control treatment. For foreign suppliers and mark adding enterprises that are often found to have problems and poor reputation, increase sampling inspection batches, implement supervision methods focusing on port on-site quarantine, and reduce their reputation level; For law-abiding and reputable foreign suppliers and mark adding enterprises, simplify procedures, implement the supervision mode focusing on quarantine in the later stage, and improve their credit rating

further strengthen the inspection of imported wooden packaging, especially the illegal inspection of goods, increase the sampling rate of containers, determine whether there are skids and liners used to fix and support mechanical equipment, facilities and goods in the box, and strictly prevent the introduction of pests with unqualified wooden packaging

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