Harm of inferior insulating glass

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The harm of inferior insulating glass

insulating glass has good heat insulation and sound insulation effect. Its appearance has good aesthetic applicability. However, there are more and more manufacturers producing insulating glass. Many inferior insulating glass appear in the market. Those who do not understand it will be cheated. What is the harm of buying some fake and inferior products? Let's talk about the harm of inferior insulating glass

1。 Influence on appearance transparency, energy saving and thermal insulation performance of inferior insulating glass: due to condensation, salting out, dust pollution, volatile pollution, etc. caused by the use of unqualified desiccant or sealant, the transparency of insulating glass is reduced, the situation outside the window is not visible, and the good effects of energy saving, thermal insulation and sound insulation are lost

2。 Impact on its safety performance: the insulating glass is caused by the use of unqualified desiccant (large suction capacity) or the original glass sheet (uneven thickness), and the difference in internal and external pressure of the insulating glass is caused by the difference in temperature change. In this way, repeated stress must be applied to cause glass damage, which can lead to unexpected major safety accidents, especially for the outer wall glass of high-rise buildings, whether it is the software upgrade or the storage space of experimental data, Once the glass explodes or falls off, the consequences are unimaginable

3。 Increase cost: when the service life of insulating glass has to be replaced, it will inevitably increase the burden of society and cause huge waste

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