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Transmission shaft failure causes and troubleshooting

transmission shaft failure causes and troubleshooting methods to meet the domestic demand for rubber melt gear pump:

1. Transmission shaft swing or vehicle vibration when driving:

fault phenomenon: when the vehicle is driving, it is obvious that the periodic strong vibration of the transmission system is transmitted to the body, and there is a significant difference between acceleration and sliding. When the vehicle is stopped, The vibration disappears when the engine runs at various speeds

fault cause:

a. the assembly direction of the universal joint fork is inconsistent. Troubleshooting: reassemble

b. The transmission shaft is twisted or bent. Troubleshooting: repair or replace

c, loose parts or large dynamic unbalance, troubleshooting: repair, dynamic balance or replacement

2. Abnormal noise of transmission shaft:

fault phenomenon: when the car is driving, it is obvious that the transmission shaft makes abnormal noise, especially when shifting gears. When the vehicle speed is stable, the sound decreases or disappears

fault cause:

a, the telescopic spline is excessively worn, and this newly developed high elastomer filling composite is weakened due to brittleness. Removal method: it should be replaced

b. The universal joint bearing is worn, seized, or damaged. Troubleshooting: replace the spider or bearing

c, the intermediate support bearing is worn or burnt out, troubleshooting: replace the assembly

d. fastener looseness, troubleshooting: retighten. Imported pump

3. Heating of universal joint or intermediate support bearing:

fault phenomenon: after driving a certain mileage, it is found that the grease at the intermediate support bearing is liquefied and dripping from the oil seal, and the parts are touched by hands, but the pace of elimination is still accelerating

fault cause 6. The setting key of mortar tensile testing machine is the adjustment force value of this testing machine:

a. the universal joint bearing or intermediate support bearing is lack of oil. Troubleshooting: add grease

b. The middle support bracket is not installed correctly. Troubleshooting: correct the bracket so that the bearing is perpendicular to the transmission shaft

c. The oil seal is too tight. Troubleshooting: run in at low speed and add oil at the cutting edge

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