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Wheel loaders: try to reduce fuel consumption and improve comfort

wheel loaders: try to reduce fuel consumption and improve comfort

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Guide: in January 2008, the new engine emission regulations for the power range from 37 to 75 kW came into force; Previously, the emission regulations of 130-560kw and 75-130 kW engines have been revised in 2006 and 2007 respectively. Affected by this, almost all new wheel loaders are equipped with S

in January 2008, the new engine emission regulations for the power range from 37 to 75 kW came into force; Previously, the emission regulations of 130-560kw and 75-130 kW engines have been revised in 2006 and 2007 respectively. Affected by this, almost all new wheel loaders are equipped with engines that meet stageiia/tier3 standards

stronger engine power

the HLA loader produced by Hyundai is one of the largest wheel loaders in the world at present, with a working weight of 29.3 tons and a rated power of 250 kW. According to the supply contract signed between Hyundai of Korea and case company of the United States in 2006, HLA loaders met the audience with the appearance style of case company at the conexp Construction Machinery Expo held in March this year. According to the agreement, HLA loaders will be sold with the case trademark in North America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. In this regard, j j Kim, executive vice president of Hyundai, said he was glad that the greater the depiction effect of worn particles and the adsorption force between molecules, the quality and performance of this device can be recognized by case company. He believed that this was inseparable from the world-class manufacturing capacity of Hyundai

case also exhibited several new products at the 2007 BMW Munich exhibition, among which the 821e loader with a working weight of 17.2 tons, a rated power of 159 kW and meeting the stageiia/tier3 standard is the most eye-catching. The maximum bucket capacity of the machine can reach 3.4 cubic meters. Case said that the new engine equipped with the 821e loader can reduce fuel consumption while providing 11% more power performance than its previous generation, and has a higher unloading height, and the bucket capacity is 4% larger than its previous generation. The new dash7a loader of Hyundai at the 2007 BMW Munich exhibition not only uses a new engine, but also has some other features: new embedded operating lever, automatic gear shifting function, cab control panel equipped with diagrams, automatic control mode, reduced transmission time and fuel consumption, etc

strive to reduce fuel consumption

indeed, fuel consumption is one of the main concerns of many potential loader users. Jonastoursie, market director of wheel loaders at Volvo Construction Equipment Corporation (Volvo for short), said that according to an industry data, fuel prices have risen fourfold in the past three years, and hybrid loaders have appeared on the market, which can save about 50% of fuel consumption

at the CONEXPO of construction machinery held in March, Volvo exhibited a l220f oil electric hybrid loader. The basic principle of the hybrid power of this machine is that when the loader is working at light load or idle speed, the generator charges the battery; When the loader needs to accelerate or operate, the battery in turn provides power to the motor for auxiliary work to increase power. Some people may think that the battery pack will increase the quality of the whole equipment and easily increase fuel consumption. However, construction machinery products such as loaders and excavators need special counterweights. If the battery pack is used as a part of the counterweight, the weight of the whole machine will not be increased due to the installation of the battery pack

like Volvo, the problem of fuel consumption has also attracted great attention from caterpillar. Vincentmigeotte, manager of Caterpillar's mining and gravel processing departments in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and CIS countries, said that trying to make the oil supply system best match the engine speed is one of the main means caterpillar has taken to reduce fuel consumption and improve fuel efficiency. Under the guidance of this concept, several new loader products recently launched by caterpillar, such as 950h, 962h, 966h, 972h and 980h, all use acert6 cylinder engines, and adopt the new ADEM micro processed fuel injection electronic control module and automatic electronic fuel injection system, so that the degree of fuel atomization is improved, and the combustion is fuller and more efficient. At the same time, caterpillar has taken many measures to reduce the fuel consumption and maintenance of the machine. We wish our two companies to cooperate happily in the maintenance work, including the use of "engine idle management system" and grease accessory devices specially designed to improve fuel efficiency, the establishment of a new hydraulic parts maintenance center, the use of hydraulic filter elements with an average replacement interval of 500 hours and transmission filter elements with an average replacement interval of 1000 hours. The supply of accessories is insufficient

in 2007, the characteristics of loader products, such as energy saving, safety, comfort and easy maintenance, have received widespread attention in the industry. During this period, a large number of wheel loaders were put into the market. However, the insufficient supply of tires is still a weakness in the supply chain of wheel loaders. In this regard, wilbertbloom, a European Sales Assistant for Hitachi wheel loaders, said that the main problem facing the company now came from suppliers, especially the inability of tires and hydraulic parts to meet production needs. Hitachi is working hard to solve this problem and strive to get a good solution in the next year

wilbertblom said, "the shortage of tires has become one of the most prominent problems, especially the shortage of large tires. Because our purchase of large tires is not as large as that of caterpillar and Volvo, we do not get relatively priority tire supply."

in this regard, Mr. migeotte of Caterpillar also said that the company is ensuring the allocation of high-quality tires for the whole machine through a certain period of tests, and also selecting different suppliers to solve the problem of tire supply for large loaders. The supply contracts signed with several major tire suppliers also enable the company to solve the problem of tire shortage

comfort is significantly improved

in today's loader market, the driving comfort of the whole machine has become one of the biggest selling points. WA, WA and Wa, three new types of wheel loaders with bucket capacity of 3.3~6.0 cubic meters launched by Komatsu company of Japan, all adopt high roof cabins equipped with air conditioners, which provide more spacious cab space, and are equipped with adjustable operating levers and air heated seats. The noise in the driver's ears of 71-72 decibels also makes the company's three new loaders very environmentally friendly. At the same time, these three loaders also use engines that meet the tier3/stageiia emission standards, and their load sensing hydraulic system can enhance the handling of the equipment, shorten the cycle time and improve the digging force

the zw180 loader launched by Hitachi in 2006 is a supplement to the company's previous main products - zw220, zw250 and zw310 series. This model adopts an engine that meets the Tier3 emission standard, with a maximum bucket capacity of 3.1 cubic meters; The new load hydraulic sensing system can improve the efficiency of bucket operation; The cab is equipped with adjustable automatic heating seats and adjustable operating levers; The air conditioning control system has also been improved

the bucket capacity of l5242plus1, l5282plus1, l5382plus1 and l5422plus1 loaders launched by Liebherr is between 2.0 and 2.7 cubic meters; 86 kW or 105 kW standard engine conforming to Tier3 shall be selected; Its driving comfort is mainly reflected in the larger cab and wider cab door. The working product quality of this series of loaders can be divided into two types: Z-shaped connecting rod structure and parallel lifting structure. Among Liebherr loaders with a bucket capacity of 3.2 cubic meters, the new l5502plus2 replaces the previous l5442plus2. The maximum tipping load of l5502plus2 loader is 11.7 tons, and the 130 kW engine also provides it with more powerful power performance than the previous generation products. The l5862plus2 loader with a working weight of 31 tons is the flagship product of Liebherr's load measuring piston downward moving series loader, and its maximum engine power is 250 kW; The standard bucket capacity of the configured bucket is 5.5 cubic meters. Doosan's latest loader product is the dl250 with a working weight of 14.5 tons. This model is equipped with a 121 kW Doosan dl06 engine, and the more spacious cab also provides a broader vision for the driver. The machine is quieter when running, and the air conditioning system has also been improved. At the same time, there are automatic and manual control systems for the driver to choose

New Holland's latest loaders include w170b, w170btc, w190b and w270b products, of which the minimum power is 145 kW and the maximum power is 239 kW. Among these loaders, the minimum bucket capacity is 2.4 cubic meters and the maximum bucket capacity is 4.6 cubic meters. They all use CNH engine and ZF power transmission system, among which the w270b loader also uses Cummins engine. They have greater torque than the company's previous products. Among them, the working device of the 145kw w170b loader can be equipped with Z-type or parallelogram connecting rod, and can be equipped with a bucket of 2.4~2.8 cubic meters. The engine power of w190b loader is 169 kW, which can be equipped with a bucket of 3.1~3.5 cubic meters. The engine power of w270b loader is 239kw, which can hold 3.6~4.0 cubic meters of bucket

in addition, the new wheel loaders tl420 and tl450 of Terex company are equipped with 4.2 m3 and 4.5 m3 buckets respectively, and are equipped with 216 kW and 231 kW Cummins engines that meet the Tier3 standard respectively. They also adopt ZF transmission system, Rexroth load sensing hydraulic system and parallelogram connecting rod working device. The unloading height of these two models is 3.15 meters. As a standard configuration, the hydraulic damping system can make the driving smoother. Another new wheel loader tl210 of the company is equipped with a 119kw engine that meets the stageiia emission standard. It can be directly equipped with a bucket of 2.1 cubic meters or a bucket of 2 cubic meters in order to obtain a faster lifting speed. Hydrostatic drive can make the maximum driving speed reach 40 kW/h. the front connecting rod working device takes into account the advantages of parallelogram and Z-shaped connecting rod

Mr. bloom of Hitachi said that driving comfort, safety and noise control will remain the most concerned issues in the loader industry for a long time to come. Due to the increasing scarcity of loader drivers, the above factors become more important when users buy loaders. Improving the driving comfort of loaders has become one of the hottest topics in the industry. In the past year, a large number of comfortable cabs have emerged. The purpose of all this is to maximize the efficiency of equipment and drivers

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