Fault analysis of the parallel thin black strip in

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Fault analysis of parallel thin black strips in the paper feeding direction of copies

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sf1116, sf1118, sf1020, sf1025 series. Fault phenomenon: irregular thin black strips will appear in the parallel paper direction of the copy, which will increase with the increase of the number of copies, and may make abnormal friction sound. Therefore, the above-mentioned experimental specifications refer to ISO, ASTM, DIN, GB, BS, JIS... Barrier analysis: after analysis, the optical part should be checked first to see whether the optical part is dirty. If the optical part is free of dirt, check whether there is dust between the cleaning scraper and the drum. If it is clean, on the contrary, check whether the edge of the cleaning scraper is deformed. If it is deformed, the user is recommended to replace it. If there is no deformation, check whether the cleaning brush is deformed. If there is no abnormality in the brush, check whether the speed accuracy seal at the inlet of the developing device is deformed. If so, check whether the seal can be corrected or replaced. If not, check whether the drum charging is dirty. If the drum charging base is cleaned or replaced, if it is not to see whether the fusing roller is scratched, if it is to stop the copy in the transmission section, check whether the black line appears. If the black line does not appear. Replace the fusing roller. If the fusing roller is not scratched, check whether the drum is scratched or the toner is attached to the drum. If the toner is attached to the drum, wipe it with a dry cloth first. If not, wash it with toothpaste. After washing, wipe it with a dry cloth. If the drum is scratched, replace it. If there is still a sound, remove the photosensitive drum assembly, and confirm whether the black plastic sheet on the waste powder recovery seal is parallel to the pasting support. If it is found that it is not parallel, replace the seal sheet. When using the machine, when it is found that the fine marks have been rubbed on the photosensitive drum, while replacing the light drum, please confirm whether the cleaning of paper powder on the cleaning scraper is parallel to the pasting of black plastic sheet on the waste powder recovery seal sheet, as the problem is described above, Please exchange the waste powder recycling seal while replacing the drum

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