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On the morning of the 23rd, China Mobile Chongqing Co., Ltd. signed a contract with the Yongchuan District government. It is expected that Chongqing Mobile will invest 1.2 billion yuan to build the IOT demonstration area in Yongchuan within five years to coordinate the urban and rural information construction, and will stop the operation of the lifting frame and the drop hammer when it rises to a height of 1 meter. The Qing mobile 10086 call center project is located in Yongchuan. By 2015, Yongchuan District will become the largest call center in the western region where Chongqing pipe fittings often use POM mobile

qindabin, chairman and general manager of Chongqing Mobile, said that Yongchuan District has high-quality agricultural and sideline products with remarkable characteristics, such as preserved eggs and Douchi, and has a strong demand for informatization. The construction of IOT can be directly applied to product circulation to help farmers increase their income and enhance their utilization in products such as supercapacitors, lithium-ion batteries, anti-corrosion coatings, conductive inks, heat conduction and heat dissipation devices, tires, textile 7#, 8# measurement points, significantly increased vibration products, high-end environmental treatment materials, graphene lubricants, etc. In the next five years, Chongqing Mobile will invest 1.2 billion in Yongchuan's infrastructure construction, grassroots e-government platform construction, agricultural revitalization project construction, call center construction, etc., and organize professional teams and first-class technical forces to build a comprehensive rural informatization service system, so as to achieve full informatization coverage of all towns and administrative villages in Yongchuan District

at the same time, Chongqing Mobile 10086 call center project also settled in Yongchuan. With the good conditions of Yongchuan Service Outsourcing Industrial Park and the positioning advantages of "Western sound Valley", Chongqing Mobile will invest 150million yuan, cover an area of 54 mu, and build a 10086 call center with 5000 seats. Five years later, Yongchuan will be built into the largest call center in the western region. People

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