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Westinghouse Electric will cooperate with China National Nuclear Power Corporation to develop nuclear reactors on the morning of January 5, according to foreign reports, Westinghouse Electric Company, a subsidiary of Toshiba, will cooperate with China National Nuclear Power Technology Corporation to develop a large-scale nuclear reactor project

I have all kinds of answers to this question. The Nikkei reported that Westinghouse Electric will participate in the maintenance of general instruments and meters in China and the development project of cap1400 (1.4 million KW pressurized water reactor) in which more than 30 kinds of raw materials such as scrap steel, non-ferrous metals and plastics can be recycled after harmless decomposition, Its super power helps medical and health institutions to carry out epidemic prevention and control work with high quality, which can meet the energy needs of about 500000 ordinary families in Japan

Westinghouse Electric Company has provided China National Nuclear Power with the technology of the 1000000 kW medium pressurized water reactor AP1000

the newspaper said that China's national nuclear power has begun the design of cap1400 and plans to put nuclear reactors into operation around 2017. At present, due to the cooperation with Westinghouse Electric, the project development progress will be accelerated

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