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Western horse stepped up the development of gas flow sensor for ventilator

Western horse stepped up the development of gas flow sensor for ventilator

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with the continuous intensification of the global epidemic, ventilator has become a hard currency to save lives and fight the epidemic, and high-tech enterprises in various countries have joined the research and development and production of ventilator related products. As a leading service provider of MEMS chips and advanced IOT sensing system in China, xirenma is quick to respond, takes technology as productivity, and devotes the whole company to the research and development of ventilator related products. Following the piezoresistive pressure sensor and oxygen sensor for ventilator, the Western Horse recently began to research and develop the gas flow sensor for ventilator

what is a gas flow sensor

a gas flow sensor is a sensor that can display cumulative flow, instantaneous flow, pressure and temperature. The core is a heater and temperature sensor, which can detect the speed and direction of the air flow according to the corresponding heat transfer when the gas flows, and have a sensitive and rapid response to the air or other gas flow through the chip

the gas flow has reached zero ozone ring breaking potential and lower global warming potential. The sensor has some important characteristics since the mid-1990s. First, it has a sensitive and rapid response to the air, oxygen or other gases flowing through the sensor; Secondly, it has high accuracy in a small flow; In addition, it has good repeatability and low hysteresis under large flow

at present, there are many kinds of gas flow sensors in the market, including throttling type, volumetric type, vortex street type, electromagnetic type, thermal type, ultrasonic type and so on. Most of them collect the temperature, pressure and other signals of the fluid, and then convert them into flow. However, due to the unstable gas flow state, the accuracy of the flow measurement of the gas flow sensor is affected. The plug-in gas flow sensor invented by American scientists has brought a revolution to the measurement of flow and achieved the purpose of directly measuring fluid mass flow. With the continuous development of science and technology, gas flow sensors become small, low-cost, stable, low power consumption, and can be manufactured in batches

industrial application of gas flow sensors

gas flow sensors are widely used, which greatly affects the development of all walks of life. For example, it plays an important role in industrial production, scientific experiments, ensuring product quality, improving production efficiency, saving energy, and promoting the development of science and technology

at present, small and strong products are the development trend of today's society. With the progress of science and technology, gas flow sensors can increasingly meet the needs of society. The gas flow sensor is becoming smaller and smaller, and the detection performance is also improving

looking at China, most of the products in the domestic market are imported because the relevant technology is not yet mature; In the international market, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Europe and the United States, Japan and other technologically developed countries have vigorously developed gas flow sensors with their own advanced semiconductor technology, and have achieved gratifying results. The determination, confidence and perspective of these young people for sustainable development will play an important role in shaping the future process of the industry. However, in general, all kinds of products in the market are incompatible with each other, have not been commercialized, and their applications have not been popularized. High precision gas flow sensors that meet the requirements are still under continuous research and development. Therefore, gas flow sensors have become a new technology product with continuous development and broad prospects. In general, with the development of science and technology, domestic gas flow sensors will replace imported gas flow sensors

gas flow sensors have been used in ventilators for nearly 30 years, and are widely used in medium and high-end ventilators. As an important part of the ventilator air circuit system, it is responsible for converting the inhaled and exhaled gas flow into electrical signals, which are sent to the signal processing circuit to complete the detection and display of inhaled and exhaled tidal volume, minute ventilation volume and flow rate

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according to the different functions and designs of the ventilator, the detection value of the flow sensor not only provides display, but also plays a decisive role in the control and alarm of the ventilator. For example, the flow sensor feeds the measured actual value to the electronic control part to compare with the panel setting value, and uses the error between the two to control the servo valve to adjust the flow of inhaled and exhaled gas; The signals generated by the air and oxygen flow sensors installed in the front end of the inspiratory system can help the microprocessor control the valve to provide the oxygen concentration required by the patient; The detection value of flow rate and flow also directly affects the switching of expiratory and inspiratory phases, the alarm of the upper and lower limits of minute ventilation, the sensitivity of flow trigger, the real-time waveform of airflow and the monitoring and display of p-v-ring, etc. the performance of flow sensor directly affects the accuracy and reliability of ventilator parameters

advantages of xirenma gas flow sensor

tyzv11 series sensor currently being developed by xirenma is a digital signal output gas flow sensor. Its unique thermal isolation heater and temperature sensitive elements enable it to quickly respond to the temperature flow changes of gas 1 disk. Tyzv11 series sensors are used to measure the mass flow of air and other non corrosive gases. It provides four standard ranges of ± 50, ± 100, ± 200, ± 400 and ± 750 SCCM, and it also supports customized ranges. This sensor has the characteristics of fast response time, wide measurement range, customizable range and a variety of packaging methods, full calibration and temperature compensation, linear output, small size and RoHS compliance

each sensor is calibrated at the factory and compensated with ASIC circuit. The temperature compensation range of tyzv11 series sensors is 0 ° C to 50 ° C. based on advanced ASIC compensation technology, it can provide I2C digital signals with a response speed as fast as 1ms. Tyzv11 series sensors can provide high reliability, high precision, repeatable measurement and customizable sensor options to meet many specific application needs. The solid shell and stable substrate make these products very strong

▲ Western Horse tyzv11 series sensor related parameters

the battle between life and virus depends on a precious ventilator. May the tragedy of life passing away without a ventilator never happen again. Western horses have been developing and manufacturing products and services to improve human health, environment and safety with an attitude of reverence for life. At the juncture of the global fight against the epidemic, Westerners and horses unite as one, and interpret the scientific and technological fight against the epidemic with hard core strength. It is believed that in the near future, mankind will finally usher in an all-round victory in this battle with wisdom and unity

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