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and then turn the handwheel

recently bought this Westinghouse sp0301 slow juicer. My experience of using it is as follows:

I have heard of the reputation of Westinghouse brand from my friends, but its products are my first time. In the face of the confusion of many domestic brand Juicers with a price of about 300 yuan, I gave up choosing Korean Juicers with good reputation and high price, and finally confirmed that the order price was more than five times that of domestic brands, and that it was Westinghouse Juicers produced in Guangdong according to Wang Fei. I really had some doubts. After receiving the goods for trial use for a few days, this doubt was basically eliminated. I felt that the materials and workmanship of Westinghouse original juice machine were excellent. When trying to squeeze Hami melon, the most important and longest thing that occurred was that the overload of experimental force was smoother and the juice yield was higher. At the end of cleaning, in addition to brushing the filter, the rest of the base water was washed clean. I hope that after the West 4.7 experiment, the original juice can be as durable as human beings. The gift of making tofu is a highlight, and the quality is very good

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