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White cardboard stands firm, and the cost can be guaranteed only if the 10000 yuan carton factory rises by at least 20%

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core tip: up to powerlessness, up to unbearable pain Let's first look at a set of breathtaking data: the spot price of bleached coniferous pulp began to rise from December 24 last year, and the price was from 4600 to February 25 this year. The price of finished base paper was unwilling to follow. After nine dragons chased up 300 after the year (February 22), the news of another rise in March had already been spread boiling

Why did it rise? Consulting insiders, summed up the following reasons:

first, the white card market capacity is highly concentrated, and leading paper mills such as sun, Bohui, app, etc. have an absolute say, which is prone to uncontrollable scratch radius adjustment institutions that "rise all the time" to change the scratch radius situation

second, this year, the paper mill lost its foreign waste dividend. In order to ensure that the profit in 2021 was flat, last year, it had to constantly "toss" the market

another biggest variable is that affected by the corresponding experiment and the epidemic abroad, the price of foreign base paper continues to be high, and the price of low-quality tile paper and recycled paper is basically the same as that of domestic production, losing the import advantage, making domestic base paper still have room to rise

experienced the "ten adjustments and nine increases" during the epidemic period in the past years, and now faced with the sharp rise in raw materials, the carton factory has been tormented. Let's increase the price. Whether it is lost by customers, don't increase it. The upstream raw materials are priced every day, and the machine loses every day. Finally, the refrigerant absorbs heat from the objects with higher temperature through the evaporator

for the surge in the upstream, the carton factory must increase by at least 20% to ensure the cost. For the orders received, it is recommended to sincerely explain the reasons for the price increase with the customers, and strive to get the customers' understanding. It will take some time to transfer the paper cost to the end customers. I hope the carton factory owner can calm down and work with the customers to tide over the difficulties

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