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On the morning of June 2, the opening ceremony of Shandong wheat harvest was held in Jiaxiang County, Jining City, marking that the wheat harvest of more than 56.8 million mu in the province has been carried out from south to North and from west to East. In order to give full play to the role of agricultural machinery as the main force and ensure the timely harvest of wheat and timely sowing of corn, agricultural machinery departments at all levels are currently doing a good job in the agricultural mechanization production of Sanxia in accordance with the requirements of Shandong Agricultural Machinery Bureau. First, strengthen the scheduling of machines and tools. Pay close attention to the changes of wheat ripening time and weather, scientifically allocate machinery, and fully invest in wheat harvest operations, so as to achieve a piece of mature wheat and rush to harvest a piece. The second is to plan the summer harvest and summer planting. While organizing the rush to harvest wheat, we should do a good job in no tillage and sowing of corn, so that wheat is harvested and corn is sown at the same time. Strengthen the quality supervision of agricultural machinery operation, and effectively improve the quality of summer harvest and summer seed operation. Third, follow up on security services. Take the "two learning and one doing" education activity as an opportunity to further change the work style and constantly improve the service level of agricultural machinery. Continue to provide free agricultural machinery operation market information and meteorological information and other services for machine operators; Strengthen cooperation with transportation, public security, economic and information technology, publicity, meteorology and other departments to ensure that the agricultural mechanization production in Sanxia is carried out in an orderly manner. Fourth, keep safety in mind. Strengthen the awareness of safe production and "seizing grain at the mouth of the dragon", implement emergency management measures, and ensure that once an emergency occurs, it can be effectively responded to and disposed of at the first time

according to the Shandong Agricultural Machinery Administration, which is lighter than steel and light metals such as aluminum, as of 4 p.m. on June 15, the province's daily harvest of wheat was 1.61 million mu, but there were still enterprises that made mistakes and received 51.76 million mu of wheat, accounting for 90.1% of the receivable area, including 50.72 million mu of machine harvest wheat. Laiwu, Rizhao, Heze, Linyi, Zaozhuang and Jining machine harvests have basically ended, Tai'an and Liaocheng machine harvests have come to an end, Jinan and Weifang machine harvests have reached 90%, Zibo and Binzhou machine harvests have reached 80%, Qingdao, Dongying and Dezhou machine harvests have reached 70%, Yantai machine harvests have reached more than half, and Weihai machine harvests have reached nearly half. A total of 205000 corn planters have been invested in the province, and 30.12 million mu of corn has been sown, accounting for 68% of the pre sown area. Among them, Laiwu and Heze have basically ended, Jining and Zaozhuang have come to an end, 90% of Tai'an, Liaocheng and Linyi, 80% of Zibo, 70% of Jinan, 60% of Dongying, Binzhou and Dezhou, half of Weifang, 40% of Rizhao, and 20% of Qingdao and Yantai, Weihai machine broadcast 10%

it is reported that due to the recent moderate to heavy rain in Northwestern Shandong, northern central Shandong and the peninsula, there are rainstorms in northern Northwestern Shandong and some parts of the peninsula, hail with thunder and lightning in some parts of northwestern and central Shandong, and thunderstorms in other areas; Affected by the large-scale rainfall in the province, the progress of machine harvesting of wheat and machine sowing of corn slowed down. The Provincial Agricultural Machinery Bureau specially reminds the agricultural machinery departments in the wheat growing areas and the majority of agricultural machinery operators to pay attention to the weather changes at any time, take effective measures in time, give full play to the role of agricultural machinery, speed up the progress of wheat harvest and reduce disaster losses

at present, the agricultural machinery departments at all levels in the province are relying on more than 6300 Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives, giving full play to their advantages of flexible information and excellent equipment, making every effort to do a good job in various services, and accelerating the work of collecting and planting. While organizing the rush to harvest wheat, all localities have made every effort to promote the machine sowing of corn, realizing the synchronous stubble pressing of harvest and sowing. The new regulations of the Ministry of agricultural machinery of all regions are intended to limit the negative impact of plastic bags on the environment, pay attention to the integration of agricultural machinery and Agronomy and the matching of good opportunities and good laws, standardize the plant spacing and row spacing of corn machine sowing, unify the operation standards, and lay a solid foundation for the autumn corn harvest. At the same time, the mechanized technology of precision sowing of corn and "sowing with fertilizer" of slow and controlled-release fertilizer of corn are also fully implemented to improve the quality of corn sowing

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