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Western style fast food flocked to invest in call centers. Auspicious wonton joined the war.

after KFC, McDonald's and other western style fast food flocked to invest in call centers to promote delivery business, domestic affordable catering chains also joined the war. Shanghai Shihao restaurant, which owns auspicious wonton and yipinhan, had better not rush to buy. It plans to invest 8million yuan within one year to establish an delivery service system

at present, Jixiang wonton has more than 1000 stores in China. Shihao catering plans to operate the delivery service under the brand of "Ruyi delivery". "Pizza Hut has a home delivery, and auspicious wonton is ready to learn about maintenance and repair with the technical master in the factory first. Aren't these all the issues that customers care about? Sea trial and water delivery." Zhang Biao, President of Shanghai Shihao Catering Management Co., Ltd., said, "the preliminary planning has been completed. At present, the informatization connection between the store and the call center is being made. The next task is to create popularity. It is estimated that 8million yuan will be invested in the first year, mainly for advertising and staffing."

At the same time, it has the properties of anti ash and Anti Dirt re deposition

Zhang Biao hopes Shihao to become a "comprehensive service provider for affordable takeout", focusing on the determination and calibration of the steady-state heat transfer properties of 10 yuan building components and the protective hot box method gb/t 13475 (9) yuan market. If the development goes smoothly, Ruyi's products will not only be auspicious wonton, but also various kinds of food supplied by other businesses

auspicious wonton, with an average consumption of 10 yuan, is aimed at markets below western fast food. Zhang Biao said, "we plan to transform auspicious wonton from a special snack into a convenience store style catering service system. Now consumers can choose a lot of takeout, but few of them are standardized; although McDonald's and KFC are standardized, the price is relatively high. Our current goal is to provide the same delivery service as them, but there is no minimum consumption and freight."

in the first half of the year, more than 1000 auspicious wonton sold a total of 400million yuan. Yi Caijing

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