The hottest wheat straw as plastic saves crude oil

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Wheat straw as plastic saves crude oil and reduces emissions

what better way is there for the comprehensive utilization of straw? It was learned from the "Jiangsu Korea Agricultural and forestry waste treatment technology exchange meeting" held on the 16th that the huge demand for bioplastics has led to a new path for the comprehensive utilization of straw

"the world demand for bioplastics has increased fourfold since 2013." Liu Yongshan, President of the Korean biomaterial Packaging Association, pointed to the plastic bag on his hand and said, "This is made of wheat straw, which can be degraded in a few months. After straw is made into bioplastics, it can be made into various tableware, packaging bags and other products. For example, pulp snack boxes, which used to use wood as raw material, can now use straw as an organic waste, which greatly reduces costs and is conducive to environmental protection. Even in the United States, 10% of the parts of some brands of cars are made of bioplastics with straw as raw material." He said that bioplastics production has shifted from developed countries to developing countries because of the large population and demand in China, and everyone attaches great importance to the Chinese market

"Jiangsu produces a large amount of agricultural waste every year, including 40million tons of crop straw, the fourth largest resource in the country. Last year, the province's mechanized return of more than 13 million tons of straw to the field, 21 million tons of straw in various forms, and more than 85% of straw is comprehensively utilized. Straw utilization, on the one hand, is directly returned to the field, on the other hand, is the use of certain scientific and technological resources, mainly the production of bags, fertilizers, feeds, and new energy." Liuhuazhou, director of the Institute of agricultural economy and information of Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences, said

the experimental technology with higher requirements understands that in our province, the R & D and production of bioplastics is only a spark. For example, the "industrialized production technology of degradable straw flowerpots" developed by the Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences has been transformed and produced in Pukou, Nanjing, and can consume about 720 tons of various crop straws every year. This kind of straw flowerpot can be completely degraded within a few years after it is discarded. The old straw flowerpot can be recycled and can be made into organic fertilizer or flower cultivation substrate after crushing and composting

Chang Zhizhou of the Institute of resources and environment of the Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences said that people can't live without plastic, and 70% of plastic is discarded every year. Plastic products with petroleum as masterbatch have become a major problem for human beings because they are difficult to degrade. There are nearly 200 million tons of plastic waste in the world every year, and it is increasing at a rate of 10% every year, which directly causes environmental pollution. China is a large agricultural country, which can produce more than 700 million tons of straw every year. Theoretically, 4 tons of straw can be made into a ton of degradable environmental protection products. In this way, nearly 200 million tons of traditional plastics can be saved in China alone, 600 million tons of crude oil can be saved, and 380million tons of carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced

experts pointed out that at present, the world produces more than 200 million tons of plastic every year, and China's plastic products market continues to expand. There will be a significant increase in packaging, engineering, building materials, agricultural and daily-use plastic products, and the demand will exceed 25million tons. This is an order. 6. Take down the broken sample, measure the elongation value, and carefully record it. As a calculation, according to people's helpless figures, it reflects a huge plastic market, and also shows that the bioplastics industry is ushering in an unprecedented stage of rapid development. At present, the bottleneck of the promotion of bioplastics is that the price of bioplastics products is higher than that of ordinary plastics. 4. The wire change experimental machine checks whether the blade on the swing rod is loading the products on the knife bearing. It will take some time to obtain the recognition of ordinary consumers. Therefore, in addition to the need for enterprises to increase innovation and R & D and reduce costs, if certain support can be given from the government level, the bioplastics industry will obtain unprecedented development opportunities

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