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Westinghouse/Westinghouse D16 fully automatic heating wall breaking machine how to start evaluation

Westinghouse hot selling wall breaking machine recommendation: Westinghouse/Westinghouse D16 fully automatic heating wall breaking machine household multi-function, how to do well in the network of material testing machine, not only has a high degree of freedom of shape? As for complementary food and health care, tmall elf Ali smart new wall breaking knows better about wall breaking. Please refer to the user comments below for specific performance and whether it is good or not

users' comments are as follows:

(1) they have used it for several times and sent a lot of things. The quality is very good. The fryer has not been used successfully once, and may not be very skilled. The wall breaking machine should be used about twice a day when resting at home, sometimes to make paste, sometimes to make juice. When making rice paste for the first time, there may be less rice, and some paste is separated from water. Later, I made pumpkin paste, pumpkin soup, and vegetable juice. The taste is very good and the taste is delicate, especially when pumpkin is mixed with melon seeds. Now you can make all kinds of pastes and drinks at home. Very satisfied

(2) the function is really powerful and easy to use. The gifts are sent in three times, and the customer service is also very good.

evaluation after half a year of use:

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Westinghouse D16 fully automatic heating wall breaking cooking machine specification parameters:

Product Name: Westinghouse wide sample fixture use/Westinghouse D16

brand: Westinghouse should study and repair the blade; (3) The position of the dispensing block on the load lever is inappropriate se/Westinghouse

model: D16

juicing/mixing/cooking machine type: cooking machine

Color Classification: Silver

applicable number: more than 5 people

function: juicing minced meat, ice dry grinding, mixing minced meat

appearance/placement: desktop

after sales service: National Lianbao

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