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Chinatelecom network fax products have a strong login

recently, it was learned from the Business Navigation Department of Chinatelecom Guangdong mutual growth center that Chinatelecom will promote its network fax service for business people. This service will be first implemented in Guangdong Province, and during this period, a series of preferential activities will be launched

leading the industry trend, Chinatelecom launched the network fax service

Chinatelecom network fax, which is a new telecom value-added service based on Internet. As long as users access broadband, they can use computers to send and receive faxes directly, which is as simple as sending and receiving email. With easy click, they can fax electronic documents to customers everywhere; It has the characteristics of simple and easy to use, low cost, super group sending, never busy receiving, real-time feedback of sending results, and truly realizes the high-efficiency and paperless office needs for customers

research shows that at present, the market development potential of domestic fax related industries is huge. With the development of business, many enterprises can reach hundreds of faxes per day, and traditional faxes are difficult to meet their needs; At the same time, the demand for mobile office in modern society is also more than strong. To this end, Chinatelecom has specially launched the network fax business, which is based on its strong brand business pilot, and integrates other services of business pilot to provide business customers with one-stop communication solutions

better than traditional fax, the new trend of modern business office

traditional fax can't meet the needs of modern office because of the shortcomings of waste of consumables, slow sending time and the need for special personnel to wait by the fax machine; Chinatelecom network fax service, aiming at the shortcomings of traditional fax, has the advantages of environmental protection, simplicity, safety and reliability, no fax machine, no fax consumables, paperless, mobile office and so on. It represents the future development trend of business fax, and is an ideal choice for enterprises to improve work efficiency and reduce administrative office costs

in terms of functions, Chinatelecom network fax mainly improves in three aspects to make it more in line with the needs of modern business office:

electronization is convenient for management, such as for automotive parts, engine sets, gearboxes, axle beams, shafts, cranks, landing gears, engine frames, etc., fax is not easy to lose

fast and convenient, improve office efficiency

reduce costs and save equipment procurement, paper, ink cartridges and other expenses

compared with the current network fax in the market, Chinatelecom network fax business also has its own advantages:

with the fixed real number as the fax number, it can be bound with the same number with the telecom customers are using, and you can enjoy the convenience of network fax without changing the fax number

Chinatelecom provides strong technical support, making the system more stable and clearer

compared with a single fax service provider, Chinatelecom is better able to integrate the advantageous resources of the enterprise and provide customers with all-round information solutions

as for the product concept of telefax, we learned from the relevant leaders of Chinatelecom who visited: now the proposal of the industry "1035" development plan formulated by China Polyurethane Industry Association of Chinatelecom clearly puts forward the telefax service, which mainly targets enterprise customers, and hopes to integrate the advantageous resources of business navigation, so as to meet the requirements of customers to reduce communication costs, promote business development, improve work efficiency and one-stop service

the two promotional offers highlight the strong brand effect

it is understood that Chinatelecom fax is divided into two versions, the ordinary version and the enhanced version. Because of its flexible, efficient and low-cost characteristics, it is favored by many multinational enterprises and emerging industries. At present, in order to thank the support of new and old customers, it can be judged that its passband is very narrow or the sampling rate is very low. Two preferential measures are being introduced:

fax lottery: before June 30, enhanced customers can participate in the "monthly gift" and "quarterly lottery" activities as long as they meet the activity conditions

"monthly gift": users can participate in the award after successfully sending a fax in that month. At present, most of the qualified users who can measure the characteristics of metal and non-metallic materials, engineering structures, mechanical parts, etc. under various conditions are automatically selected to participate in the award, which is once a month and announced on the 15th of the next month. Participants have the opportunity to receive generous prizes such as CDMA, card loading, fax and domestic communication fees

"quarterly lottery": as long as users successfully send more than one fax every month in this quarter, they can participate in the lottery, set up noble awards and lucky awards, and users of noble awards can get a digital camera worth 2000 yuan

fax free experience: at present, Chinatelecom also carries out free experience activities in Guangdong Province. All telecom users can call fax national service or contact customer service: get fax experience card to participate in the activities, and each experience card account can send three faxes free of charge

for more details, you can consult and handle it through the following three ways: first, call Chinatelecom 10000 service, select the language, and press 9 to enter the business pilot; Second, contact the customer manager of Chinatelecom or go to the business hall of Chinatelecom in person for consultation and handling; Third, log in to the official website of Chinatelecom network fax to check the relevant information and the latest developments


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