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The strategic development summit of XCMG aerial work platform with the strong rise of segmented industries opened

the strategic development summit of XCMG aerial work platform with the strong rise of segmented industries opened

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on January 13, the 2018 XCMG aerial work platform industrial strategic development summit with the theme of "seeking new development and common innovation era" was grandly opened in Xuzhou

major leaders such as Li Qianjin, Secretary of the Party committee and general manager of XCMG fire protection, Jiang Dawei, general manager of XCMG supply company, and Meng Wen, general manager of XCMG Guanglian company, gathered together with more than 200 lessors and suppliers from all over the country to share the brilliant achievements of XCMG's 2017 aerial work platform, Wetherspoons, a major bar chain in the UK, has also stopped the use of plastic straws, and has carried out in-depth sharing and exchange with the future development, witnessing the new plans, new goals and new measures for the grand development of XCMG's high-altitude industry, shocking and opening a new era for the development of XCMG's high-altitude industry

strong rise of segmented industries opening of XCMG aerial work platform strategic development summit

strong rise has become a dark horse in the aerial work platform industry

"From the production of the first aerial work platform in 2008 to the building of a professional, complete and large-scale product group in 2017, we rely not only on XCMG's advanced technical design experience and strong manufacturing strength of boom products, but also on XCMG's dedicated, dedicated and professional cultural spirit, which is what chairman Wang Min said is the one-stop spirit." Li Qianjin, Secretary of XCMG fire party committee and general manager, proudly said in the report when he led you to review the industrial development, the operation results and development status of the company since its establishment two years ago

in 2016, XCMG fire fighting was based on the domestic and foreign markets, and it was its responsibility to meet the needs of global customers. It actively promoted the unified optimization and Upgrading Research and development of three types of aerial work platforms: shear fork, curved arm and straight arm, and launched nine new generation aerial work platforms at the 2016 Shanghai BMW exhibition, which was a hot market. In 2017, XCMG fire completed the research and development of nearly 20 products, including 6-12M series shear forks, 14-24m series curved arms, 22-38m series straight arms, all of which passed the EU CE certification and were fully affirmed and recognized by the domestic and foreign markets

since XCMG fire independently operated for more than a year, it has rapidly achieved a scale of nearly 1billion yuan and high-quality development, and has become a new business sector that represents XCMG's strong pursuit of the "leading technology and indestructible" action gold standard. The newly developed aerial work platform business had a revenue of more than 240million last year, with a year-on-year increase of 139%. In the first year, it became one of the top five in the domestic market and became a dark horse for the rapid development of the aerial work platform industry at home and abroad

intelligent innovation leads the new trend of aerial work platform industry

"this product is very good and has a very large span. I need such a product at present." In the product experience area of XCMG aerial work platform production base, Mr. Wang from North China praised the newly developed new generation of curved arm aerial work platform gtbz24a after "test drive". In the product display area, a small QR code attracted the attention of many customers. Under the guidance of technicians, they took out a scan one after another. "Relying on XCMG industrial cloud platform, we have recently developed the 'palm high altitude' app. As long as we scan the QR code of the product body, we can grasp the usage dynamics of the product anytime and anywhere."

in the past two years since the establishment of the company, XCMG fire has actively taken the "leading technology, indestructible" action gold standard proposed by Chairman Wang Min as the main line, based on the advanced development technology platform, vigorously promoted the systematic and modular unified design of products, realized the R & D and design of four major technology platforms and 10 core technologies, and innovated to meet the diversified employment needs of customers. From the first pure electric gtbz14jd aerial work platform to the "intelligent construction king" gtbz38s aerial work platform, to the "energy-saving and efficient" new generation curved arm gtbz24a aerial work platform, and the industry's first "handheld aerial" app, XCMG aerial work platform adopts multi module intelligent control technology, intelligent thermal energy management technology, leading human-computer interaction engineering technology, and lightweight design of working devices, XCMG's product features of "heavy load, high efficiency, reliability, energy conservation, comfort and environmental protection" have been formed, leading the industry to the forefront of industrial development

the combination of strong and powerful enterprises makes concerted efforts in market layout at home and abroad

"the combination of strong and powerful enterprises enables us to win together. In today's new era of win-win cooperation, we not only attach importance to lessors, but also vigorously develop strategic dealers!" On the development path of aerial work platforms, XCMG fire actively cooperates with XCMG Guanglian leasing to give full play to the advantageous resources we have worked with Tier-1 suppliers and Fraunhofer igcv1 to jointly explore a new mode of sales leasing that fits the market and the unique operation of "front store and back factory", so as to jointly promote the post market construction of domestic aerial work platforms

at the same time, with the strong east wind of XCMG's "the Belt and Road" strategy, XCMG import and export company actively implemented the "going out" overseas layout, and with the help of large-scale international exhibitions such as the Korea International Engineering Machinery Exhibition and the Asia high altitude machinery exhibition, the strong strength of XCMG's high-altitude work platform to enter the international market was strongly demonstrated to realize the mass sales and departure of high-end markets in Europe India's one-time purchase of 210 sets of large export orders has achieved a "zero" breakthrough in sales in South Korea and South America, and the products have been successfully exported to more than 20 countries and regions such as Singapore, Australia, Europe and so on

XCMG's complete sets of high-altitude work platform products have assisted in the construction and maintenance of major projects such as Baosteel Group, China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry, Zhuhai Air Show, Zhuhai Hong Kong Macao Bridge, municipal administration, high-speed railway station, airport, petrochemical, etc., and their market performance has become increasingly prominent, creating greater returns and value for customers. They are favored by the majority of users, and win double harvests of sales and public praise for XCMG's high-altitude work equipment

When talking about the future planning of the aerial work platform industry, Li Qianjin, Secretary of the Party committee and general manager of XCMG fire protection, pointed out that, "The foundation of XCMG's new fire fighting base project has been laid on January 11, 2018. The base covers an area of 340 mu, with a total investment of nearly 2.5 billion yuan. On this basis, XCMG will build a new digital, intelligent and modern world-class fire fighting and aerial work equipment base, which will bring a qualitative leap to XCMG's fire fighting and aerial work industries, form an annual production capacity of 16000 fire engines and other products, and achieve a sales revenue of more than 3 billion yuan. There are Support XCMG to become one of the top five and top three in the world's construction machinery anti swing device industry to achieve the goal of reaching the top of Mount Everest. "

Li Qianjin, Secretary of the Party committee and general manager of XCMG fire protection, is very confident about the industrial development goals. He pointed out, "in 2018, China will cooperate with XCMG Guanglian's unique resources to quickly seize the market, improve product share, expand product reputation and enhance XCMG's brand influence; foreign countries should break through the high-end markets such as the United States, Europe and Australia, and vigorously enter the" new blue ocean "of the market. The overall revenue of aerial work platforms will strive to reach 400million yuan, and the domestic market will rank among the top four.". In 2020, the aerial work platform will achieve full coverage of the type spectrum and become the first brand in China. By 2022, the international market will rank in the top three. "

Li Qianjin said that in the new year, XCMG fire will live up to expectations, work hand in hand with everyone to plan for new development in the field of high-altitude operation construction, open new industrial formats with new ideas, boost the high-altitude industry to a new height, create a new era of high-altitude industry development, and strive to build the first brand of high-altitude operation equipment in China

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