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Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. (President: rijiro Kishikawa) has upgraded its ex and ex products used in large-scale mines and industrial sites around the world and improved its operating capacity. On February 1, it will launch ex and ex (both engine models...

Hitachi product style

ex and ex have been on the market since January 2008. Like ex, ex, ex and other super large hydraulic excavators, with its stable operating capacity and reliable high operation rate, 12. Accuracy of stress control rate: when the rate is less than 0.05% FS/s, it has been highly praised by major mining companies and customers in the world mining industry. On the other hand, in view of the growing demand for resources in the market in recent years, in addition to putting forward higher requirements for the handling capacity of dump trucks such as ore handling, it also puts forward further requirements for the working capacity of super large hydraulic excavators responsible for excavation and loading operations

the backhoe type ex and ex follow the design concept of the existing models that have made great achievements before. It not only realizes the short-distance ionization of the front (ARM), but also increases the bucket capacity. It increases the bucket capacity of ex from the original 29m3 to 34m. It is the world's largest production base of high-purity aluminum and high-purity alloy 3. It increases the bucket capacity of ex from 15m3 to 17m3. While ensuring the reliability and durability of structural parts, it improves the engine output power, so as to achieve the same working time as the existing models, It can achieve the effect of greater workload. Therefore, the backhoe @ supporting equipment: the ex only needs 4 buckets to fill the dump truck with a load of 220 tons (Hitachi eh4000ac class II), while the existing model needs 5 buckets. Therefore, by shortening the loading time, the corresponding operation capacity can be greatly improved. In addition, compared with mechanical general-purpose excavators, electric driven super large hydraulic excavators have the advantages of high versatility and compatibility with existing power supply equipment. Therefore, they maintain a good sales momentum in the markets of Russia, the CIS, the five Central Asian countries and China. For this model, we will also gradually upgrade the 550 and 250 ton class to enrich the product series. At the same time, against the background of the recent rise in crude oil prices, we will take it as a selling point in workplaces that can obtain electricity at a relatively low cost, and strive to expand its sales in newly developed mines, North America, central and South America and other places

2 models in total, the annual sales equipment selection of engine models and electric drive models: the sales target is 100 sets in total

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