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Machinery and equipment industry: strong data of construction machinery + general automation

Sany Heavy Industry, Hengli hydraulic, Eddie precision, Zhejiang Dingli, Chunfeng power, Jingsheng Electromechanical, Delian group, construction machinery, leading intelligence, zhongmi holdings

key combinations:

Zoomlion, Jack Co., Ltd., tostar, Hongya CNC, ningshui group, Noli Co., Ltd., Nanxing Co., Ltd., Zhichun technology, Meiya optoelectronics, Huafeng measurement and control Kelai Electromechanical, Yinghe technology, yizhimi, XCMG machinery, Jerry shares

this week's special topic: ultrafast lasers: precision processing applications emerge as the times require, and fast-growing emerging markets

1) ultrafast lasers refer to pulse lasers whose pulse width is at the picosecond () level or less than the picosecond level. Although the overall power of ultrafast lasers is lower than nanosecond and millisecond lasers, However, due to its direct effect on the time scale of material molecular vibration, it realizes "cold processing" in the real sense, so the processing accuracy is greatly improved

2) ultrafast lasers have become the most prominent growth point in the laser market in recent years, with an annual compound growth rate of 70.5%, while the global laser market has an annual compound growth rate of only 11%. In 2019, there were more than 25 domestic enterprises engaged in the R & D and production of ultrafast lasers, and the market space reached 2.45 billion yuan in 2019, which has grown into a market equivalent to 30% of the domestic fiber laser revenue volume

3) at present, ultrafast lasers are mainly UV and blue light, which determines that they are more suitable for processing non-metallic brittle materials and thin metals. Specific applications include: full screen cutting and OLED polarizer cutting; Welding of non-metallic materials and non-metallic metal welding, such as glass welding; And a large number of application scenarios such as sapphire groove milling, photovoltaic cell pattern etching, PI film cutting, ceramic processing, etc. with the rapid decline in the cost of ultrafast lasers, multiple application scenarios will be opened

4) the industrialization of ultrafast lasers in China started relatively late. At present, the market is mainly foreign lasers, and the domestic market is still dominated by nano ultraviolet (not really ultrafast). However, with the expansion of ultrafast laser market demand and the continuous breakthrough and maturity of domestic laser technology, jept road twists and turns ", REC, Zhuo radium (unlisted), China and Japan (unlisted) are expected to achieve localization

focus on industries/sectors:

1) construction machinery: excavator sales continued to exceed expectations in June, with domestic sales growth of 63%. In June, the sales volume of the industry was 24625 sets, with a year-on-year increase of +62.9%, 21724 sets in China (including Hong Kong and Macao), with a year-on-year increase of +74.8%, and 2901 sets were exported, with a year-on-year increase of +7.6%; A total of 170425 sets per month, a total of +24.2%, 155893 domestic sets, a total of +24.8%, 14532 export sets, a total of +17.8%. It is estimated that in July, the sales volume of excavators will be 19-20000 sets, and yoy+50-60%. The construction process of the global dominance of construction machinery and the domestic demand cycle are rising. The advantages of the main engine are obvious, and the leading core components are accelerating the replacement of imports. Around 2010, 4G networks have sprung up. It is recommended that Sany Heavy Industry, Hengli hydraulic, Aidi precision, construction machinery, Zhejiang Dingli, etc. focus on Zoomlion Heavy Industry and XCMG within the quality assurance period

2) the testing industry has passed through the cycle, and large consumption has driven trillions of testing needs. Third party testing has the advantages of scale effect/marketization/impartiality. 13 is recommended Data processing system: China testing, vehicle installation testing, radio and television metering

3) the investment in emerging growth (photovoltaic/semiconductor/lithium battery) will gradually resume to rise, and the equipment suppliers with domestic substitution, leading technology and binding key customers will deeply benefit from the downstream expansion of production, and pay attention to hang Ke Technology (benefiting from the IPO of Funeng and the acquisition of Daimler's shares), leading intelligence, nori shares, and the beneficiary of Yinghe technology

4) in the past three months, the PMI of manufacturing industry is above the boom and bust line. General automation is facing the recovery of manufacturing industry. The demand for laser is not light in the off-season (laser/robot/Automation/injection molding machine). Pay attention to jept (out of the depth of the industry in April), becchu electronics and rec laser

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