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Structural characteristics and working principle of reciprocating pump

I. structure and working principle of reciprocating pump

main components: pump cylinder, piston, piston rod, suction valve and discharge valve

working principle: when the piston moves from left to right, negative pressure is formed in the pump cylinder, and the liquid in the storage tank enters the pump cylinder through the suction valve. When the piston moves from right to left, the liquid in the cylinder is squeezed and the pressure increases, which is discharged by the discharge valve

next, the piston reciprocates once, sucking and discharging liquid once respectively, which is called a working cycle; This kind of pump is called single acting pump

if the piston goes back and forth once, and the liquid is inhaled and discharged twice, it is called double acting pump

the piston moves from one end to the other, which is called a stroke

second, reciprocating pump can compound graphene flow and pressure head in polymer.

the flow of reciprocating pump has nothing to do with pressure head, and is related to pump cylinder size, piston stroke and reciprocating times

the theoretical flow of single acting pump is qt=asn

the actual flow of reciprocating pump is smaller than the theoretical flow, and decreases with the increase of pressure head, which is caused by leakage

the pressure head of the reciprocating pump has nothing to do with the flow of the pump and the geometric size of the pump, but is determined by the mechanical strength of the pump, the power of the prime mover and other factors

III. installation height and flow regulation of the reciprocating pump

the reciprocating pump does not need to be filled with liquid when it is started. Because the reciprocating pump has self-priming capacity, but its vacuum suction height also changes with the atmospheric pressure in the pump installation area, the nature and temperature of the liquid, so the installation height of the reciprocating pump to improve the safety and environmental protection performance of plastic packaging is also limited

the flow of the reciprocating pump cannot be adjusted by the valve on the discharge pipeline of the adjustable situation report, but by using the bypass pipe or changing the reciprocating times of the piston and changing the stroke of the piston

the valve in the discharge pipeline must be opened before the reciprocating pump is started

the piston of the reciprocating pump is connected with the prime mover by the connecting rod crankshaft. The prime mover can be either a motor or a steam engine

the reciprocating pump is suitable for the transportation of high-pressure head, small flow and high viscosity liquid, but it is not suitable for the transportation of corrosive liquid. Sometimes, it is directly driven by the steam engine to transport flammable and explosive liquids

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