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The European thin-walled packaging market shows structural changes

the trend of consulting companies using biodegradable plastics to produce food packaging is becoming increasingly obvious. A research report recently released by AMI consulting shows that in recent years, thin-walled packaging in the hard packaging market has shown dynamic structural changes

the market share of EU's top 10 thin-walled packaging enterprises in European thin-walled packaging

in 2015, the consumption of polymers in Europe was 3.1 million tons, and Europe has become a relatively stable market for thin-walled packaging. In order to seek more profits and market share, thin-walled packaging enterprises have to focus on the innovation and improvement of materials and processing technology. In the past few years, the development of processing technology and material science has brought changes to thin-walled packaging and promoted the application of thin-walled packaging in new fields

at the same time, the supply chain has also undergone corresponding changes. The thin-walled packaging industry is actively integrating, and business leaders are constantly adjusting their businesses to make full use of technological advantages and build a stronger negotiation platform. Enterprises improve their competitiveness by cleaning up non strategic business departments, redeploying production bases and mergers and acquisitions

at present, many industry giants have also been involved in this global packaging "battlefield", including Reynolds, Berry Plastics and Amcor. RPC group has also acquired bormans and GCS (Global closure systems)

according to statistics, in 2015, the top 10 thin-walled packaging enterprises in the EU shared 43% of the market share of thin-walled packaging in Europe. The remaining 57% of the European thin-wall packaging share was shut down by Pangang Group around 2016, and Xichang new steel, Chengdu Steel Vanadium and other subordinate subsidiaries were divided up piecemeal by many enterprises

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