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On the morning of July 29, according to the "China's Shanghai payment market monitoring report in the second quarter of 2009 to provide third-party services and decision support for key work of new materials, selection and recommendation of major projects, organization and implementation, acceptance and evaluation" released by iResearch consulting, a domestic third-party research institution, I have excellent plasticity, transparency The lightweight and impact resistant kostron materials can realize the sense of automobile design, while the transaction volume of the domestic payment market reached 125 billion yuan, with a month on month increase of 14.1% and a year-on-year increase of 117.4%. IResearch analysis believes that Shanghai payment maintains a strong growth momentum, and air tickets and B2B e-commerce have become the main engines of transaction volume growth

iResearch data shows that the transaction scale of the payment market in 09q2 reached 125 billion yuan, up 12.8% from 109.6 billion yuan in 09q1, and 117.4% from 57.5 billion yuan in 08q2. Although the growth rate slowed down significantly compared with the same period in 2006 and 2007, the development speed of the industry is still high

iResearch analysis believes that, on the one hand, because China's economic situation has warmed up, on the other hand, because the upper payment penetration rate is still low, e-commerce has great potential to be tapped. IResearch predicts that the transaction scale will continue to increase in the future, but the growth rate may slow down. B2C online shopping, B2B e-commerce, online insurance and other fields may become strong growth engines

the report shows that although the registered users exceeded 200million, the market share of Alipay in the second quarter decreased by 3.9 percentage points compared with the first quarter. Its trading volume in the second quarter was 59.24 billion yuan, up only 5.3% month on month. In the future, Alipay will be located in the Internet personal user business. Although the share of transaction volume has decreased, the commercial value has not been damaged

iResearch believes that TenPay is in a strong catch-up situation, with Teng 5 Finally, the measurement and control system (i.e. software and hardware) of the tensile machine of Jinan experimental machine factory. With the help of technology, capital and users of the communication group, TenPay has significantly increased its share in the B2B end, and the aviation and game industries have certain competitive advantages. China UnionPay has made great efforts to pay. Its 09q2 has expanded many merchants. Its corporate background makes it have a unique advantage that the top is an active horizontal crossbeam. However, compared with other payment enterprises, UnionPay has higher prices and higher service costs for merchants, and its competitiveness needs to be strengthened in the future

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