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The sales recovery after the epidemic is strong, Rongcheng paper achieved profits in the first half of the year, and the market is expected to be better in the second half of the year

release date: Source: Industrial and commercial times

Rongcheng announced the revenue in June, which is obviously a sense of recovery after the epidemic! Rongcheng's revenue in June was 3.534 billion new Taiwan dollars (NTD, the same below), and the annual decrease converged to 5.79%. With the sales volume gradually returning to the pre epidemic level in the same period last year, and the price of industrial paper in the mainland increased by about 3%, Rongcheng successfully maintained its profits in June and the first half of the year, with a net profit before tax of 77.23 million

Generally, the electronic universal experimental machine is used.

Rongcheng said that in June, the price of waste paper in the mainland rose by about 8%, and the price of industrial paper rose by about 3%. It is obvious that the market demand increased, and Rongcheng's capacity utilization rate is also getting better. It is estimated that the second half of the year will be better than the first half of the year, and the fourth quarter will enter the traditional consumption boom season, and the performance will be better

Rongcheng has three paper mills, six packaging plants, and 28 waste paper environmental protection stations in the mainland. At present, all of them have resumed work. Taiwan has one paper mill, five packaging plants, and four waste paper environmental protection stations to assist the cross-strait and Southeast Asian markets. The legal person believes that with the resumption of factories in the mainland, the tide of inventory replenishment continues, and the price of matching paper rises, which is expected to improve Rongcheng's profit performance month by month

the revenue of Rongcheng in June was 3.534 billion, with an annual decrease of 5.79%. The cumulative revenue of the first six months was 16.63 billion, with an annual decrease of 28.32%. The consolidated pre tax profit of June was 75.05 million, the net profit before tax belonged to the parent company was 77.23 million, and the consolidated pre tax EPS was 0.06; The accumulated pre tax profit of 13.18 million yuan in the first six months is combined, and the pre tax net profit belongs to the owner of the parent company of 16.41 million yuan. It is understood that the computer automatically calculates the yield strength, tensile strength, modulus of elasticity, elongation, etc. of the sample after six months of consolidation and certification. It is said that the death toll is still climbing year by year, and the pre tax EPS is 0.01

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