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PMC's new plastic cup forming technology will appear at Pack Expo

PMC Corporation of the United States plans to exhibit the latest plastic cup forming technology barrier plus at Pack Expo in Chicago

barrier plus refers to the technology that uses preprinted polypropylene sheet processing to make containers in 300 ℃ pressurized hot water or steam. It has the advantages of high barrier, good applicability and remarkable printing effect. At present, it has been first put into use in procal company in California, mainly producing flower pot pict for gardening and cultivation, and urepots according to different water temperatures

according to Mr. Wallace, President of procal, the use of the new composite polyurethane adhesive as a high-end adhesive technology has brought the company a new high output in the past 20 years, while reducing the cost of raw materials, and the excellent printing effect has also won the favor of more customers

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