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According to the "pluralism" of the market competition strategy of small packaged edible oil, the edible oil industry, especially the small packaged edible oil, is a category with rapid growth in China's food industry. From the perspective of its market development, a market competition strategy of "pluralism" has been formed:

first, "eating crabs" theory

generally speaking. The return on investment of the market is in direct proportion to its risk. The higher the degree of risk, the higher the possible rate of return of HRB, which is both an opportunity and a challenge for entrepreneurs. The characteristic of successful entrepreneurs is to dare to take risks and successfully maximize their income

10 years ago, China's edible oil industry was basically a market for bulk oil. The market was full of bulk edible oil with many impurities, oil fumes and no guarantee of health and safety, while the small package edible oil market that met international health standards was still a blank. It should be said that there were not a few people with this awareness at that time, but many people were uncertain about the market prospect of small packaged edible oil in the future. Through the investigation of domestic and foreign markets, the Guo brothers in Singapore, 4. Servo motor believed that there would be a huge market for small packaged edible oil in China, so it established Nanhai oil industry (Chiwan) Co., Ltd. in 1990, became the first person who dared to "eat crabs" in China's small packaged edible oil market, and began the production of Golden Arowana, China's first small packaged edible oil brand. Although other brands of small packaged edible oil have successively entered the market, Golden Arowana has always firmly controlled the initiative of the whole market. At present, the market share of Golden Arowana is as high as 41.5%. If you add 13 brands of arowana, such as hujihua and carp, they almost account for half of the whole small packaged edible oil; The sales of small packaged edible oil in China last year was about 10billion yuan, while the sales of Golden Arowana and its brands reached nearly 4billion yuan

Second, "cut the cake" theory

the market is like a big "cake", everyone wants to share a larger share. The key to obtain the ideal market share is the rapid response to the market, which can make the market reshuffle. After the first "eating crab" of arowana, many brands such as Fulinmen, chubao and Luhua have also appeared successively. They want to grab food from the "mouth" of arowana. As for how much they can "grab", they have to "cut quickly", and the method of "cut quickly" is to have innovation, including technological innovation, management innovation and marketing innovation. At the end of last year, COFCO announced that it would withdraw its capital from golden dragon fish and proposed to spend three years to build its mainstream brand Fulinmen into the first brand of domestic edible oil; In April this year, COFCO group joined forces with international giants such as ADM company of the United States and Singapore professional oil company, which shows that the group is accelerating the speed of "cake cutting"

third, "capital"

edible oil enterprises not only have very high operating costs, but also have particularly high risks. They need sufficient funds to ensure from raw material procurement to sales. For example, in the purchase of raw materials, due to the short production period of oil raw materials, only 1/4 of a year is in the production period, and the price changes greatly with the international market, if the funds are not sufficient, it is easy to miss the minimum purchase price of oil, resulting in higher production costs than competitors; If we want to reduce production costs, we need to improve the scale of operation of enterprises, and the scale of operation is based on strong sales force, which requires sufficient capital to support

Sheng will gradually adjust the center of the platform. It is clear that:

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