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Pneumatic system in integrated circuit manufacturing

with the development of large-scale integrated circuit (IC) technology, the size of silicon wafer has developed from 5in (1in=25.4mm) to 10In, while the capacity of dynamic random access memory and static memory (chip) has also developed from 1m to more than 256M, and the minimum processing size has changed from 1.2 μ M reduced to 0.10 μ m. Now the most advanced minimum machining size even reaches 0.08 μ m 。 Due to their special process requirements, these IC manufacturing machines put forward special requirements for ultra-high cleanliness to meet the process requirements of the current ordinary pneumatic components and fluid components, so that the pneumatic components and exquisite components mainly used in the ultra-high cleanliness system of IC machines should be produced. Moreover, with the vigorous development of the IC industry, ultra-high purity pneumatic systems and refined fluid systems have also developed, forming an ultra-pure pneumatic and fluid control system (Figure 1). CKD company in Japan is tirelessly engaged in the research and production in this field, and has made certain achievements

ckd company adheres to the 3P concept (to prevent process pollution, eliminate impurities, and ensure ultra pure quality) in the process of production design, inspection and evaluation of ultra pure control system. Under the guidance of this concept, all pneumatic components of its ultra pure system are in the self built level 1 purification workshop (there is only one 0.1 per FT3 μ M dust particle size), providing hardware guarantee for high-quality ultra pure system

due to the extremely high cleanliness requirements of the manufacturing environment for chip production, it is far from enough to meet the requirements only on hardware. Therefore, ultra pure pneumatic and fluid components have their particularity in terms of structural design, whether there is scratch in manufacturing inspection, or cleaning and packaging. It is mainly reflected in the following aspects

1. For the dust-free manufacturing environment, the cylinder itself is also a dust generating element, and its working medium contains a lot of dust in the compressed air. Especially in the process of reversing the pneumatic system, the cylinder will emit a lot of dust, which is 0.1% within 1 FT3 μ M detect dust particles at 1 × More than 105, which is far from meeting the requirements of chip production. Therefore, some countermeasures must be taken

for ordinary cylinder structure, vacuum suction/primary sealing structure (Figure 2) or exhaust treatment/secondary sealing structure (Figure 3) is adopted, which has been tested by dust particle trapper, 0.1 μ For dust particles above M, the former is less than 10, and the latter is also less than 100

due to its structural characteristics, the cylinder with guide not only adopts vacuum suction/primary sealing structure (Fig. 4) or exhaust treatment/secondary sealing structure (Fig. 5), but also uses a low dust generation structure at the guide rod, which has been detected by the dust particle trapper, 0.1 μ Dust particles above M, the former at 1 × Less than 102, and the latter is also 1 × Less than 104

2. For the purification room, 0.1% of the compressed air discharged when the reversing valve is reversing μ M dust particles up to 1 × 106, which cannot meet the needs of chip production without taking measures

set the exhaust treatment port so that its dust generation is less than 100

in order to adapt to the process control components in IC manufacturing machines, a proprietary corresponding control valve is designed. Two new two position three-way valves are developed, which are hidden in a valve body (such as mn4e0 Series). Moreover, the width of the valve body is only 10mm, and the height is less than 40mm, which greatly reduces the size of the original control valve group, so that the shape is more beautiful and more practical in the use process

all adopt modular integration mode, which is easy to use and expand at will

power saving design, the power is only 0.3w

3. For filters and pressure reducing valves, according to different process requirements, measures such as setting exhaust treatment ports, oil prohibition treatment and stainless steel material selection are taken to make their dust generation less than 10

4. For other pneumatic accessories, dust-proof treatment and oil prohibition treatment are also carried out according to different process requirements, so that the dust generation capacity is kept below 10

5. According to the different requirements of IC industry, ultra pure fluid components are mainly divided into three categories: pharmaceutical liquid control components (PCC), gas control components (PGC) and vacuum control components (VPC). In the early stage of the development of the IC industry, Zhongwang mainly used liquid medicine, which has a full range of capabilities from independent design to manufacturing and processing automotive aluminum. However, with the continuous popularization of high-purity gas refining, more accurate gas control valves have been paid more and more attention. CKD's products have been highly praised by many enterprises, including American Applied Materials Co., Ltd., the leader of the IC machine industry. Its characteristics mainly include the following points:

the liquid medicine valve is made of corrosion-resistant PFA material, which has good acid and alkali resistance, mainly 4 Increase the length of connecting wire for etching machine and cleaning machine

the gas control valve is made of 316 stainless steel, with long durability and high corrosion resistance. The first integrated gas supply system (IGS) that can be seen clearly has been widely used. In 2003, CKD successfully developed the largest and most complete integrated gas supply system at present

the vacuum control element adopts the bellows buffer form, which is reliable and safe. The proportional control vacuum valve developed by CKD integrates vacuum valve, proportional device, butterfly valve and air return valve, which is a groundbreaking new product

6. During the manufacturing process, ultra pure pneumatic and fluid components are specially cleaned and double packed to ensure that their appearance is 0.1 μ The dust particles above M are less than 10, and the risk of re pollution should be avoided during transportation

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