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Environmental protection equipment manufacturers secretly fight PM2.5 monitoring

with the recent release of the new "air quality standard for dust and debris in environmental cleaning electrical boxes", PM2.5 has been included in the ambient air quality monitoring system for the first time

according to statistics, at present, six provinces in the country have written the monitoring of PM2.5 into this year's government work report for the first time, another 11 provinces have put forward specific measures to control PM2.5, and 12 provinces and cities have announced the monitoring schedule

according to the preliminary estimation of relevant people from the Ministry of environmental protection, the total investment for the procurement of PM2.5, ozone and carbon monoxide monitoring equipment in 338 cities above the prefecture level will need more than 2 billion yuan. If the relevant investment of other supporting instruments and meters is included, the total investment for air monitoring in the 12th Five Year Plan will exceed 10 billion yuan

the huge cake has triggered a dark war on environmental monitoring equipment

Shandong market has invested at least 20million yuan

now PM2.5 has attracted much attention. In fact, Jinan began the pilot monitoring of PM2.5 as early as 2009. Houlujian, chief of the automatic monitoring section of Jinan environmental monitoring center, told the Economic Herald on the 11th

Hou Lujian said that the station has undertaken the research on PM2.5 monitoring technology and specifications in urban ambient air, a national environmental protection and public welfare industry scientific research project. At present, it has completed the first draft of three PM2.5 monitoring technical specifications, namely, ray, microseismic balance and lidar inversion. Since July, 2009, Jinan has started the research monitoring of PM2.5 and other ultra-fine particles. There are 4 automatic monitoring points of PM2.5, which are respectively arranged at Lanxiang technical school, Shandong Architecture University, Quancheng Square and Paomaling clean control point in the urban area. Since last June, as a pilot city of the "urban ambient air quality assessment law" of the Ministry of environmental protection, Jinan has begun to report the monitoring data of PM2.5 and other pollutants, providing basic data for the revision of the ambient air quality monitoring and evaluation index system

it is understood that at present, there are two commonly used monitoring technologies in the PM2.5 monitoring equipment Market: ray method and micro shaking balance method. The former manufacturers include American automatic precision engineering company, American MetOne company, French Soxhlet environmental company, Hebei Xianhe environmental protection, spotlight technology, etc., while the latter manufacturers include American Thermo Fisher, Wuhan Tianhong, Anhui Landun optoelectronics, etc. Lidar inversion is a relatively cutting-edge technology, which is too expensive to be popularized in actual monitoring and is not favored by equipment manufacturers. Hou Lujian said

according to Hou Lujian, at present, the four monitoring stations put into use at Jinan environmental monitoring center station use the equipment of American MetOne company, with an investment of about 150000 or 60000 yuan each

according to the plan, there will be 144 monitoring stations in Shandong to launch PM2.5 monitoring equipment. The herald roughly estimated that the investment of PM2.5 monitoring equipment in the province would be more than 20 million yuan based on the investment of 150000 yuan per set, excluding the monitoring equipment related to ozone and other indicators mentioned in the new "ambient air quality standard"

According to the deployment, PM2.5 and ozone monitoring projects will be carried out in key regions such as Beijing Tianjin Hebei, Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta, as well as municipalities directly under the central government and provincial capital cities this year, and the procurement of monitoring equipment is imminent

Zhou Xuehua, an associate professor of the Institute of environmental engineering of Shandong University who once participated in the research of PM2.5 special topic, told the guide: different monitoring technologies have their own advantages and disadvantages. It is very difficult to monitor PM2.5 accurately, which requires the state to issue some guiding standards

at the beginning of last month, the Ministry of environmental protection launched a comparative test for the applicability of PM2.5 automatic monitoring methods. The monitoring equipment of many foreign and domestic manufacturers such as American MetOne and pioneer environmental protection was mobilized, and many environmental monitoring stations including Jinan City participated in the comparison test. According to the China environmental monitoring station, the first phase of the comparison test lasts about one month, and it is not convenient to disclose the progress of the test at present

who will be the biggest beneficiary? For manufacturers, standards are undoubtedly particularly important. According to industry insiders, manufacturers have secretly fought against this, launched a public relations war, and frequently visited the Ministry of environmental protection and the general environmental monitoring station

according to the guide, Shandong Province will start PM2.5 monitoring in 17 cities from July this year, and preparations are being made for the purchase of monitoring equipment, mainly waiting for the introduction of guiding standards after the national comparison test. A person from Jinan Environmental Protection Bureau said

it is reported that the reason why the national guiding standards are highly expected stems from the controversy in the industry about the measurement methods of ray and concussion balance monitoring equipment

at the end of last year, the air quality data released by the Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau caused heated debate because of the gap between the data released by the U.S. Embassy, which is only a dozen kilometers away. It is reported that the originator is the difference in monitoring methods. Beijing uses the oscillating balance method and the U.S. Embassy uses the ray method

the research from the national environmental protection monitoring station shows that the monitoring result of the oscillating balance method is 15% - 17% lower than that of the ray method. An insider said that if the oscillating balance method is used to monitor the equipment, it needs to be corrected by adding a membrane dynamic measurement system (FDMS). This has been confirmed in the studies of Britain and the United States

the person also said that the monitoring equipment of the oscillating balance method is more expensive than that of the ray method

in the future, PM2.5 monitoring will be fully promoted in the whole province. The current 16 monitoring stations in Jinan will all be equipped with new equipment. The equipment of the previous four pilot monitoring stations such as Lanxiang technical school will also be replaced and used as standby equipment. On the one hand, this batch of equipment has been in service for nearly three years and has entered the inspection and maintenance period. On the other hand, it is mainly to prevent data differences between different monitoring equipment, so as to ensure competition with other monitoring stations on the same platform. Hou Lujian said

foreign manufacturers PK domestic enterprises

who will become the biggest winner in the competition for environmental monitoring equipment

according to the guide, most of the current environmental monitoring instrument market is monopolized by foreign enterprises, except for two domestic listed companies, pioneer environmental protection and spotlight technology, and some small and medium-sized enterprises

according to the prospectus data of Xianhe environmental protection, the market share of the main enterprises of domestic air monitoring system is: Xianhe environmental protection accounts for 33.20%, Thermo Fisher of the United States accounts for 28.00%, Hangzhou Dadi Anke Environmental Instruments Co., Ltd. (a holding subsidiary of spotlight Technology) accounts for 12.27%, Qingdao jimeilai Technology Co., Ltd. accounts for 6.34%, and Guangzhou kedilong scientific instruments and Equipment Co., Ltd. accounts for 5.25%

On the 11th, Wang Shaojun, a representative of Xianhe environmental protection securities, told the Herald: although domestic enterprises started late, with the continuous maturity of technology, domestic enterprises can fully occupy the dominant position, and the final market will belong to domestic enterprises. This is because compared with foreign products, domestic products have better price advantages and perfect follow-up services. The investment of a product is far more than the purchase of the equipment itself, and the subsequent maintenance and services are not in place, which will bring great trouble to the use

according to Wang Shaojun, since last year, Xianhe environmental protection monitoring equipment has successively entered Anhui, Hebei Langfang and other cities for standard experiments (four ball experiments) A variety of conventional tribology experiments (ball and disk test field). The market will be larger this year, and the benefits of the company will slowly appear from the second quarter.

in fact, the market of environmental monitoring instrument providers is far more than PM2.5 testing equipment. According to the new "ambient air quality standard" The requirements for local environmental monitoring equipment will be comprehensive. An insider told the herald that a complete air environment quality monitoring system includes six indicators to ensure safety; The power plug must be firmly plugged: sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, PM10, PM2.5 both parties blame each other, ozone. Such a complete system requires at least six or seven million yuan

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