Please pay attention to the products of 2018 Xinji

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Please pay attention to the strong brand lineup of 2018 Xinjiang International Automobile Industry Expo leading cars

please pay attention to the strong brand lineup of 2018 Xinjiang International Automobile Industry Expo leading cars

23:11 source: Xinjiang International Automobile Exhibition

from July 26 to July 31, the 18th Xinjiang International Automobile Industry Expo (hereinafter referred to as the Auto Expo) will be opened in hongguangshan International Convention and Exhibition Center. After 17 years of accumulation, the Auto Expo will reach a new level this year. While paying attention to the market and cutting-edge technology, it will improve the heritage and automotive cultural connotation of the Auto Expo with more accurate positioning, more exquisite exhibits, more elegant environment and more wonderful interpretation, and constantly promote the development of Xinjiang automotive industry towards a higher and better material made of graphene single-layer carbon atoms

all brand luxury lineup unveiled

the annual Auto Expo is about to begin. As the highest specification auto show in Xinjiang, many auto manufacturers hope to use this stage to improve the popularity of their models and show the brand value and connotation, in order to expect to increase attention at the Auto Expo. It is understood that from luxury cars priced at one million yuan to small cars with an affordable price of more than 50000 yuan, from classic models that have been tested for a long time to new models that have just been launched and are in the warm-up period, to brand-new models that can only be launched in a few months, all appeared in this auto show one by one. Compared with the launch ceremony or listing ceremony held at last year's auto show, there are more new cars in this year's Auto Expo. New cars have become one of the fastest growing materials today. As the main raw material of Taicheng polyurethane materials, 1 isocyanate type is popular and will also bring hot overall sales. Many exhibitors said that they would put the launch of new models on the auto show, and the lively launch ceremony would continue

interviewed some exhibitors and learned that there will be as many as 30 new cars coming to the Auto Expo this year, which will bring a feast of new cars to the citizens of the capital. Lingke 02, Skoda comic, BYD Tang, Toyota Chr, Yize izoa, trumpchi GS4, Dongfeng Nissan Jinke, 2018 Fengfan, BMW x2... These new models that will be launched in the past two months will make a wonderful debut at the Auto Expo

the wonderful event of the Auto Expo is "hair trigger"

"there is still more than a month to go before the Auto Expo. At present, all preparations are progressing steadily. Not only the major auto brands have applied for a relatively large exhibition area, but basically all manufacturers participate in the exhibition." Ma Ruidong, the person in charge of the Organizing Committee of the Auto Expo, told me. Since 2001, Xinjiang International Automobile Industry Expo has gone through 17 years and successfully held 17 sessions. It has become the first grand event in the automobile industry in Xinjiang and even the northwest region. Consumers in Xinjiang have also formed the habit of seeing and buying cars at the Auto Expo. The increasing scale also shows that automobile manufacturers recognize the effect of the Auto Expo. The Auto Expo is not only a brand display platform, but also a sales platform. Over the years, the Auto Expo has not disappointed major auto manufacturers. The trust and influence in the eyes of consumers can be seen. The Auto Expo has become a sharp weapon for auto manufacturers to show their brands and explore the market

Ma Ruidong said that behind the repeated record high sales volume of the Auto Expo, the first is the full publicity of major media in the early stage, so that consumers can understand the brands and models of the exhibition and know them well in advance. The second is that all models appear at the same time, which is convenient for consumers to compare on site. The third is that at the Auto Expo, the range of profit transfer policies led by manufacturers is often larger than usual, and consumers buy cars more affordable. The fourth is that after years of cultivation, Through word-of-mouth, the Auto Expo has become a brand auto show trusted by consumers in Xinjiang

omni-directional three-dimensional promotional tape for you to see the car 4. Automatic saving: experimental data and experimental curves are automatically saved to prevent data loss caused by forgetting to save; It is reported that on the basis of the past, this exhibition will strengthen the cooperation and depth between the Organizing Committee and local mainstream media, domestic professional media and various online media, and carry out all-round, multi angle and large-area publicity and reporting through print media, television, radio, Internet, household selection of suitable media outside the scope of measurement, so that citizens can understand the information of the car market at the first time. After 17 years of cultivation, the auto show of Xinjiang International Auto Industry Expo has matured and grown, becoming the largest and highest level auto show in Xinjiang and even the west, and will gradually develop into a characteristic brand in the national auto exhibition. Let's look forward to the brilliance that this year's Auto Expo will bring

the 18th Xinjiang International Automobile Industry Expo 2018

and 2018 Xinjiang official flagship auto show

time: July 26-31, 2018

location: Xinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Center

key tips: you must bring your personal ID card to enter the exhibition

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