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Types and characteristics of grinders

the main types of grinders are disc grinders, rotating shaft grinders and various special grinders. Disc grinders are divided into single disc and double disc, of which double disc grinders are the most common. On the double disc grinder (see figure [double disc grinder]), multiple workpieces are put into the cage between the upper and lower grinding discs at the same time, and the cage and workpieces move in parallel with the action plane by eccentric or planetary mechanism. The lower grinding disc rotates, and the upper grinding disc parallel to it can not rotate, or rotate in reverse with the lower grinding disc, and can move up and down to compress the workpiece (the pressure is adjustable). In addition, the upper grinding plate can also rotate an angle around the column with the rocker arm, so as to load and unload the workpiece. The double disc grinder is mainly used to process two parallel planes, one plane (the attachment for pressing the workpiece needs to be added), cylindrical surface and spherical surface (using the grinding disc with V-shaped groove), etc. When processing the outer cylindrical surface, the green transformation is promoted by industry today; Strengthening the waste plastic parts should be both sliding and rolling, and the hole groove type and arrangement angle of the cage must be reasonably selected. The single disc grinder has only one lower grinding disc, which is used to grind the lower plane of the workpiece. It can process workpieces with different shapes and sizes on the same disc, and the grinding accuracy is high. Some grinders also have a mechanism that can automatically calibrate the grinding plate during the grinding process

the rotating shaft grinder drives the workpiece or grinding tool (adjustable grinding ring or grinding rod after reviewing all the recorded values) to rotate by the forward and reverse rotating spindle. Its structure is relatively simple, and it is used for grinding inner and outer cylindrical surfaces. Special grinders include center hole grinders, steel ball grinders, gear grinders, etc., depending on the workpiece being grinded. In addition, there is also a centerless grinder that adopts the principle similar to centerless grinding, which is used to grind cylindrical workpieces

1. The automatic grinder is also a high-speed grinder and a precision grinder. It adopts abrasive cloth belt, and the electrical appliances are sprayed with plastics by Japan Kazuki, Fuji and the whole machine, and the color is computer color 2. The guide rail is Taiwan linear guide rail 3. The squeegee adopts a card lock design, which can adjust the deformed squeegee and ensure the grinding quality 4. This automatic grinder, high-speed grinder and precision grinder can be used for grinding mechanical scraper and manual scraper 5. With special grinding wheel design, the grinding cloth belt has no pressure feeling, no deformation when scraping, and no wavy phenomenon, ensuring the grinding accuracy 6. Grinding such as paper angle to match the efficiency of various special printing 7. The grinding machine is equipped with a dust cleaning device, which can reduce industrial pollution and is conducive to the health of workers and the maintenance of equipment 8. Automatic grinder, high-speed grinder and precision grinder are easy to operate without professional technology

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