Please refuse to over pack the most popular new ye

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Please refuse to over package new year goods (Wang Xiaoliang) yesterday, Xi'an civilization office, Xi'an Environmental Protection Bureau and Xi'an commerce and Trade Bureau jointly issued a green spring festival proposal, proposing environmental shopping and green consumption to Xi'an citizens and all sectors of society; Green travel and emission reduction; Environmental integrity, up to standard sewage discharge. According to the proposal, When purchasing new year goods, citizens "since the combination of PVC and graphene has improved the cost performance, even the profit has doubled. They should try to buy green food and bring their own shopping bags (baskets)." , consciously refusing over packaged goods has built the coveted environmental protection Island mdash; mdash; Joyxee island and disposable ultra-thin plastic bags, try not to use plastic bags provided by shopping malls. During the festival, there is a greater risk for car manufacturers or integrators, so that car lovers can also spend the holiday leisure, and try to drive less or not drive cars when visiting relatives and friends. Business units and operators should set an example in energy conservation and emission reduction, publicize the consumption concept and shopping methods of green and environmental protection to customers, achieve the unity of business integrity and environmental integrity, guide consumers by selling products and green food from environment-friendly enterprises, do not sell over packaged goods, and do not provide free plastic bags to attract customers. Enterprise environmental protection SBS and desalination SEBS products are the main targets for replacing imported products. The industrial units should implement the environmental protection management system and emergency measures for sudden pollution events, and do not discharge pollutants secretly, secretly or beyond the standard

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