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Please pay attention to the nutrition label when buying prepackaged food

[China Packaging News] (author: Zeng wenqiong) recently, the second China nutrition communication conference and 2014 Amway Nutrilite nutrition China trip was launched in Beijing. It was learned from the meeting that the vast majority of people did not know that they should read the nutrition label when buying food, nor did they have relevant knowledge, and they paid little attention to it when choosing food

the 2014 China Public Nutrition literacy survey released at the meeting showed that as of June 17, 2014, a total of 39228 people had participated in the survey. Ma Guansheng, a researcher at the Institute of nutrition and food safety of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and prevention, said that the survey exposed many old difficulties and new problems in our national awareness of nutrition and health. For example, the public's awareness of how much oil and salt they can eat every day has always been low. The survey shows that 60 6% of people think that the oil intake is 25-30 grams, and the specific investment payback period of more than 30 grams is 3.8 years, which is 28%. 11.5% believed that the daily salt intake could reach 15 or 18 grams. There are 13 7% believed that the daily drinking water volume was below 600 ml, which made experts sigh. It is reported that the dietary guidelines for Chinese residents suggest that cooking oil should not exceed 25g or 30g per day, salt should not exceed 6G, and drinking water should be at least 1200 ml per day

it is worth reminding that new problems need more attention. Ma Guansheng pointed out that nutrition labels are an effective tool for consumers to understand the nutritional value of packaged food and promote reasonable choice, but most people do not know nutrition labels, do not have relevant knowledge, and rarely pay special attention to when choosing food. It is reported that China's "general rules for nutrition labels of prepackaged food" was officially implemented on January 1, 2013, as gear pumps are of great benefit to precision molding in the rubber industry. However, this survey shows that people still have very little understanding of food nutrition labels. Only 5.5% of them know the implementation, and only 24.5% can understand NRV (the abbreviation of nutrient reference value of Chinese food label, which is a reference standard specially used for food labeling and comparing the content of food nutrients, and a nutritional reference standard when consumers choose food). This survey shows that people have very little understanding of food nutrition labels, 20 Origin on strain curve (if the tensile load deforms, the tensile secant modulus of elasticity: tensile stress 9% of food buyers never pay attention to the nutrition label, 52.9% of food buyers occasionally pay attention to the nutrition label, and only 26.2% of food buyers pay attention to the nutrition label every time.

it is understood that at present, most of the prepackaged food sold on the shelves have printed the nutrition composition table according to the national standard, referred to as four plus one for short, and four is the core nutrients, namely protein and fat Fat, carbohydrate and sodium refer to energy. Through percentage data, the maximum amount of food that can be eaten per day can be calculated. Ma Guansheng believes that the public should learn to get used to reading nutrition labels when buying food in supermarkets, calculate the total amount of core nutrients and choose different foods according to their physical conditions or diseases, so as to be more conducive to health

China Packaging believes that only by looking at labels and shopping healthily can we be responsible for our own health, better consume in appropriate places, and promote the development of the packaging industry while ensuring life

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