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The first "smart road" in Hunan: "street lamp" can monitor PM2.5 and noise

pm2.5 concentration, noise level, carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide index... These complex air quality data he thinks can be easily obtained through a humble street lamp! On the air picture source of Hunan Longping high tech Park: DuPont quality monitoring screen, you can see their corresponding data at a glance and easily grasp the relevant situation of the "blue sky defense" of the park. It is reported that the province's first "smart road" on XIONGTIAN road in the park adopts the "smart common pole system": it can not only send WiFi, parking management, pavement well cover management, charging, but also environmental monitoring and 24-hour continuous monitoring of air quality

"real time monitoring of PM2.5 and other indexes enables us to timely grasp the first-hand information on the air quality in the park, so as to facilitate targeted blue sky security operations." According to the person in charge of the park, through the connection between the cloud platform and IOT equipment, the intelligent remote control of street lighting is realized on a lamp pole, and many intelligent functions such as video monitoring, outdoor broadcasting, PM2.5 monitoring are integrated

for example, if workers want to gain a foothold in the new material market, they can check the real-time monitoring video if they find abnormal fluctuations in the PM2.5 index through the monitoring screen. If they find that a barbecue stall is illegally setting up a stall to create oil smoke pollution, they can use the radio to dissuade the operator of the barbecue stall from closing the stall quickly. The whole process can be completed through the backstage, which is two different concepts to manipulate the "wisdom of sharing" without going to the scene to check. It is understood that in the future, "smart co working" may also integrate garbage cans, cellar covers monitoring and more IOT detection equipment to further provide effective solutions to problems such as shared bicycle parking, square dancing disturbing people, noise and dust at construction sites

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